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As editorial director at AIGA, I keep tabs on all the design news (so you don’t have to) and bring you only the best bits. Behold: my hit list of the most interesting things I’ve seen, read, and watched this week. Follow along all day every day on Instagram @AIGAdesign and Twitter @AIGAdesign

This week I…

…watch our editorial team grow with the addition of Emily Gosling, who comes to us from It’s Nice That where she was the deputy editor for two years, officially bringing our UK staff editor count to two.

…take a break from the maddeningly endless, RNC-fueled group text with the right-leaning side of my family (we’re up to 175 messages and counting) to have a look at their beloved Republican candidate’s new logo, his powerful T penetrating Pence’s P. Vanity Fair called it a “P-shaped toilet,” and after some remarks about the loose kerning, Quartz abandoned its futile attempts at actual design criticism by rightly noting that “There’s actually nothing surprising about the Trump–Pence emblem. In fact, the logo is so boring that it almost doesn’t merit criticism.” Still, the reaction was so negative that Team Trump caved and removed the flag and the T-P power struggle altogether. Yep, problem solved.


…may differ with artist Tom Sachs on his assessment of NASA as “the ultimate fashion brand,” but completely relate to his belief that “Science is the closest thing to religion that I have.” Which is probably why I geeked out a bit over his work now on view at the Noguchi Museum as part of his Tea Ceremony show. Less tea, more handmade space suits, Tom.

…can’t believe it’s taken this long for the Lowline to get the green light from New York City Hall to claim the abandoned underground stretch below Delancey Street where they’ve been campaigning to build their high-tech park for ages (and which would have otherwise remained a rat-infested playground). This has been in the works for so many years that when I first covered the project I think I was still waitressing to support my freelance writing habit. Damn, that was ages ago. Go James and Daniel!

…click back through the 99 Design Diary entries that have preceded this one, dating back to my early days on the job when I was still trying to figure out how to force into being more like a blog. If it hadn’t been so difficult, who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have launched Eye on Design in the first place (I’ll wait while you wipe that look of shock and horror from your face).

…celebrate this 100th entry by passing the Design Diary baton over to the very capable hands of our editor, James Cartwright. You’ve been reading him here for weeks now, let’s get to know the second member of our aforementioned UK editorial contingent a little better, shall we?