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This week I…

…grow increasingly envious of the exploits of design power couple Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree, whose sole mission in life seems to be having the most excellent fun together while creating work for clients. Case in point: their identity for this year’s Likeminds creative summer camp in Beacon, upstate New York, that sees them horsin’ around in vibrant costume and munching each other’s hair. And why not?

Henry Rollins for Calvin Klein
Henry Rollins for Calvin Klein

…weep real tears as my teen idol Henry Rollins #getsfanaticinhiscalvins. First Anchor came after Jonny Rotten, then YSL for Joni Mitchell, and now this. What’s the brand message here Rollins?

…rush to remind you all there are only two days left to submit your designs to Graphic Design Festival Scotland’s International Poster Competition. 200 shortlisted entries will be displayed during the festival in October, with £500 ($650), £300 ($390), and £100 ($130) prizes up for grabs for the top three entries. There’s also one hell of a program of events to accompany the posters, but more on that in the coming weeks.

…enjoy John Oliver’s discourse on identity plagiarism.


…discover (thanks to Maddy Morley) an extraordinary way of tackling emotional repression in Japan. Gudetama is a miserable egg yolk burdened by the weight of his own existence. Created by Sanrio corporation (the makers of Hello Kitty) he seems to be taking Japan by storm, allowing people to speak differently about depression in relation to the exploits of this anthropomorphic egg. Now I’ve seen everything.

…wonder how many animators out there are familiar with Mixed Parts, a website that encourages practitioners of the dark arts of motion design to exchange ideas and share information with their peers. Featuring interviews with leading creatives, tutorials from technical wizards, and pointers on the day-to-day existence of animators, it seems like a vital resource for those new to the field.

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…wish there were more design meme Instagram feeds (niche enough for you?) of as high a caliber as Screensaviours. Hats off to these guys, they sure know how to tickle a typographer and delight a designer.

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