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This week I…

…get stuck in the very first issue of Scottish craft magazine, VanguardsBased in Edinburgh, it explores the individuals and collectives at the forefront of Scotland’s flourishing design and manufacturing industries. Alongside traditional Scottish staples like whiskey, knitwear, and the humble Mackintosh, Vanguards meets some of the young upstarts innovating in their respective fields. While the subject might seem niche, the editorial makes it accessible for anyone who likes a good read and a snappy interview, and the design—though it feels familiar to anyone with a regular indie mag habit—does a solid job of establishing this new brand. Sign me up for issue two!

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…comfort myself at the closing of the Rio Olympics with some superb illustrations by Britain’s Emma Shoard. An Olympic uber-fan and cycling fanatic, Emma’s been celebrating this year’s competition the only way she knows how, by illustrating her nation’s finest athletes in action, through the highs and lows of their sporting conquest. My only gripe is there’s none of Simone Biles defying gravity, which has become my lasting memory of the past fortnight.

…cool down in the summer heat with this refreshingly relaxed animation for The Avalanches new single, Subways, directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau.

…um and ah about whether I buy the hype around Frank Ocean’s latest audiovisual/editorial offering. Did I like his first album? Yes. Will I like the new one? Probably. Do I resent the fact that a man with a stack of money made from music gets to put out a magazine with seemingly endless cover variations which almost immediately sells out—a feat that no normal modern publisher would be able to accomplish? Yeah, a little actually. I suppose I’ll just have to buy a copy on eBay.

Safari Festival Poster
Safari Festival Poster

…gird my loins for this weekend’s Safari Festival, hosted by Breakdown Press in London. This is the third year of Safari’s tenure at Protein Space in Shoreditch, and the lineup demonstrates just how far they’ve come in that short time. Alongside small and emerging names in British alt-comics, sit U.S. stalwarts like Fantagraphics, Michael DeForge, and Simon Hanselmann, and it seems everyone’s got a new release to launch on the day. If you’re really cool you’ll surely be at the pre-party at Gosh Comics. I’ll be glad when the whole thing is over, so I can stop boring everyone with my childlike enthusiasm.

…swat up on how to make a successful magazine with Human After All co-founder Danny Miller. Creative Review sat down for a chat with Danny for their latest issue, which can now be read online for free. As the mastermind behind no less than three successful titles (full disclosure, I work with him on one), he’s pretty well placed to give tips on the whys and wherefores of independent publishing.

…wish my jewelry game was stronger so I could grab one of these Laura Callaghan for Tatty Devine necklaces without anyone batting an eyelid. Perhaps its time to start accumulating some pendants.

Ciao for now!