British Journal of Photography, Portrait of Britain

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This week I…

…can’t wait to see some stunning photography take up public advertising spaces throughout the UK. The British Journal of Photography is poised to launch its Portrait of Britain project today, showcasing 100 portraits of the nation’s multifaceted population. Selected from a long-list of 4,000 entries, the final images bring together young, old, unknown, famous, casual, staged, and at times amusing shots of folks who represent modern Britain. Of course in the wake of political shifts in recent months, the project takes on new significance for those who hope the nation remains a tolerant and open society within or without the European Union.

…take a trip down memory lane with Spike Jonze’s promo for the new Kenzo fragrance. Whichever way you cut it Jonze has gone and remade 2001’s sublime video for Fatboy Slim track Weapon of Choicebut with a younger, some might say more attractive, actor replacing the haunting Christopher Walken. Should we hold that against him? Heck, no, not when the results are this fun—although personally I’m still captivated by Walken’s weathered charm.

…Consider purchasing A2 Type’s distinctive Grot 12, a characterful sans serif available in seven different weights. Of course I don’t do much designing these days, so I’ll probably just pore over it online instead.

Yosemite, Brian Steely

…lace my boots and dust off my Letraset for the first ever Type Hike, a project to celebrate the centennial of the National Parks Service. David Rygiol and James Louis Walker persuaded 59 artists and designers to create an image that symbolizes the national park of their choice. Contributors include David Carson, Jessica Hische, OMFGCO, and Brian Steely—plus 55 more, who for brevity I won’t list here. Each contribution is available as a poster, pin, and postcard, with all contributions going straight back to the National Parks Service. Nice!

Unit Editions, Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries
Unit Editions, Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries

…back Unit Editions’ Kickstarter for Lance Wyman: The Visual Diaries a book that promises to do what the London-based publisher does best; meticulously document the minutiae of one of the 20th century’s greatest designers. “Your help will not only support the production of this book but will also help to bring the working methods and thought processes of an important designer to public attention,” say Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy of Unit Editions. There’s £12,000 ($16,000) left to raise and 14 days left to go. You know what to do with your hard-earned dollars.

…reignite my love for Art Spiegelmann and his excellent taste in comics—and really enjoy the way his wife (Françoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker, and author of this piece) says he’s “often credited as being the father of graphic novels.” Biased?


…am thrilled that Björk is back!