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This week I…

…get stuck in to this visually led feature from Quartz, exploring the potential for a corporate ideal through case studies on global giants like Ford, Intel, IBM, and Under Armour. Although the features use buzzword expressions like “think like inventors” and “generic is actually better” the use of a single illustrated homepage to bring ten features together into a clean, concise package really works. Illustrator Maxime Francout’s large vignette is then separated into lead illustrations that run with each of the articles, transforming what could feel like a heavy white paper into an editorial format that feels fun and fresh. Of course we’ve seen features like this on and off from the New York Times and Pitchfork, but it’s exciting to see new players beginning to innovate with online storytelling.

Quentin Blake BFG

…try my damnedest to be Roald Dahl’s biggest fan. On Tuesday the hero of all our childhoods would have celebrated his centenary, and the online world was awash with all manner of visual tributes. For my money this quiz on the Puffin website did the best job of reminding me how wonderful Dahl’s books really were, and prompted me to dig them all out again to re-read as a (pseudo) adult.

…feel intimidated by the youthful faces of ADC’s Young Guns 2016. These bright young things, all 30 and under, were long-listed by a panel of industry luminaries, then hand-picked by previous Young Guns winners, and creative titans, the first time this process has been used for selection. Among already household names like Becky & Joe and Nejc Prah sits a slew of young talent that I’m looking forward to getting to know—more on which next week. Incidentally if anyone wants to nominate me next year, it’s the penultimate year I’ll be eligible, so get a move on yeah?

…get the only view on New York Fashion Week that I ever really care about from master of the swift portrait, Damien Cuypers. This year he’s on hand once again for T Magazine, sketching the great and the good of global couture, plus all the other celeb fashion faces that I should know by name, but don’t. Sweet pastels!

…brace myself for next week’s London Design Festival by trawling through their website and deciding which shows and talks to attend. Heads up for first-time users, the official site is almost impenetrable and the search function seems unable to search, but persist for long enough and you’ll find some gems in there—for example Marina Willer’s show of vibrant brass rubbings at Protein, or Studio Swine’s Fordlandia at The Fashion Space Gallery. I’ve been to enough of these in my time to know that it’ll mostly be chairs and tasteful lamps, but the Eye on Design team is putting our heads together to find the best graphic design showcases, too.

…celebrate Wallpaper*’s 20th birthday by trying to work out what on earth is going on with the Thomas Heatherwick-designed cover. According to Magculture it expands by virtue of some complex mechanism that barely survived production, but until I see one in the flesh I can’t fathom how it works. There’s even a handy GIF to show what the expansion looks like, but it looks like trickery to me. Someone please explain.

…worry for all you UX designers, visual designers, design researchers, traditional industrial designers, and chief design officers out there. According to FastCo you guys will be obsolete soon. Perhaps you should seek to retrain as virtual interaction designers, specialist material designers, algorithmic/AI design specialists, post-industrial designers, or design strategists. Those guys have a bright future ahead of them. Alternatively just change your job title and don’t worry about it—in the future the robots will sort it all out for us anyway.