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This week I…

…am so full of festive food that I’m barely able to function. Slumped in front of my laptop, last night’s egg nog crusting at the corners of my mouth, half-ravaged box of boozy chocolates at my side, I’m spending the week between Christmas and the new year really getting to grips with 2016. This means round-ups—and what a selection I’ve amassed for you here. There’s It’s Nice That’s annual Review of the Year to take care of all your design needs, MTV’s Year In Review to get you up to speed with the last 12 months of pop culture, Little White Lies covering your niche cinematic mores, The Creators Project confirming your suspicions about 2016’s most instagrammed art spaces, and The New York Times really innovating in the round-up sphere with their selection of choice TV moments of 2016, as chosen by the stars of 2016’s hit TV shows. You see what they did there? Let’s have some more nog!

…take a strange intergalactic voyage with Charles Huettner and Joseph Bennett, whose new animation, Scavengers, just premiered on Adult Swim. The film tells the story of two young astronauts lost on another world, going through an elaborate series of strange steps to get themselves home—or at least experience home for a short while. There’s traces of Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke in their landscape design, and an understated but compelling use of audio. Seven minutes of your time well spent.

…find it strange to be engaging with something new right at the very end of the year. For much of 2016 Joshua Topolsky, formerly of Vox media, has been beavering away getting a new editorial platform together that aims to bring more innovation to the online editorial experience. Working closely with designers, developers and of course his stable of writers, he’s come up with The Outline, a new destination for engaging long-form writing. So far I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen—the articles range freely from in-depth explorations of the Kardashian’s media empire, to innovations in healthcare, and think pieces on the psychological impact of playing Final Fantasy. Maybe you’ll be impressed too.

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…take a minute to mourn the incredible George Michael, whose passing this week really caught me, and the rest of the world, off guard. Faith was always on regular rotation on long car journeys as a kid—my dad used to tell me I Want Your Sex, was in fact called I Want Your Socks—and of course around this time of year you can’t go anywhere without hearing Wham! on the air. London designer Dan Barkle has produced a simple typographic tribute to honor Michael, which I’m hoping he turns into prints.

…blow all my Christmas cash on super cheap ebooks in Verso’s annual sale. They’re beautifully designed and always pack conceptual punch, and there’s 90% off most of their titles from now until the new year. Take advantage.

…thank The Atlantic’s Emma Green for justifying my lasting love for Richard Curtis’ limp but enduring romantic comedy Love Actually—which somehow I’ve only watched once this festive period. Green goes hard on conceptual analysis in her article, channeling a little-known C.S Lewis book as her main point of defence, rebutting a scathing take-down of the film penned by her fellow columnist Christopher Orr last Friday. In truth I care very little whether anyone else loves this film as much as me, and C.S Lewis or otherwise I’ll continue to watch it annually until I croak. But for those without my blind conviction, I invite you to let Green defend this soothing bit of cinema for you. “Eight is a lot of legs, David.”

Until next year folks!