One of the perks of being the managing editor at AIGA is spending my mornings reading design stories and calling it “work.” But not everyone gets to (or wants to) peruse RSS feeds like it’s their job. Consider this a hit list (as well as a few things you may have missed) of the most interesting things I’ve and seen, read, and watched this week. You can follow along every other day on Instagram @AIGAdesign and on Twitter @AIGAdesign.

This week I…

…can finally write more accurate text messages, now that Apple has released 300 ethnically diverse emojis that let you customize the hair color and skin tone of any human emoji face, which means you can also make a platinum-blond granny or a red-bearded Santa if you want to—though there’s still only one color for everyone’s favorite smiley-faced poop emoji. C’mon, Apple. Get it together.

…would like to suggest that Monotype’s Dan Rhatigan and Toshi Omagari add the title “typeface archeologist” to their business cards after digging up Unica, a font that went defunct 30 years ago. They’ve dusted it off and retooled it to pick up where Neue Helvetica left off. Unlike Helvetica, it doesn’t skimp on legibility as the text size decreases on mobile devices. UX designers, rejoice.


…think type foundry You Work For Them is onto something with the snazzy trailer they created for their latest font, Cinderblock. Yes, a trailer, like the ones made for movies. But for a font. Cinderblock’s website is also worth checking out, especially if you’re a type designer trying to figure out how to get people excited about buying your work. This is the answer.

…FedEx a crate of Kleenex over to the teary-eyed Bay Area creative community now that IDEO’s online mag The Bold Italic has announced it’s closing shop. Now who’s going to report on what it’s like to work in a naked, open-floor-plan office??


…don’t think the new L.A. parking signs are a perfect solution, but they’re a massive improvement on the insane parking-sign monoliths that have beleaguered So Cal residents for far too long (and resulted in more tickets back in my high school days than I care to mention).

…actually can’t believe no one has created gluten-free art till now. Yes, the idea sounds like a total eye roll—until you see the pictures. Is this just too obvious, or obviously just clever? I dunno, but I’m into it.

…celebrate Print’s 75th anniversary with the first of 75 designs commissioned by Debbie Millman, who asked “75 of the best creatives working today to design the word ‘print.’”

…cast my vote in the annual competition for “who wins the internet,” a.k.a. this year’s Webbys, an awards show I can actually get excited about. There are way too many categories to mention here—everything from best long-form online video to best email newsletter—but the top contenders to beat are: Vice Media with 17 nominations, Funny Or Die and HBO with 8, CollegeHumor with 9, and TED with 7. Voting ends April 23 and winners are announced on the 27th. Go internet!