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This week I…

…find sweet relief from the endless and inane Instagram logo takedowns with the excellent critique from The Onion’s A.V. Club (it’s not all gag headlines), which recently asked two of its in-house designers to discuss the evolution of the Saturday Night Live logo and opening sequence. This is what designers ought to sound like when they talk about logo redesigns.

…learn a little more about how app icons are changing the way we think about design on the whole—fodder for future non-inane logo design conversations.

…become a little less bewildered and way more intrigued by the bizarre world of art auctions, which Artsy sufficiently demystifies in the first of its new four-part video series. Also, those Ai Weiwei sunfower seeds on eBay is a real (fake) thing.

…go on a Cuban typography tour with former Type Director’s Club president Diego Vainesman, the first American to teach at Cuba’s design university ISDI (Instituto Superior de Diseño). Vainesman says that even though design-wise “Cuba hasn’t caught up with the rest of Latin America yet…they were thrilled when [he] spoke about Herb Lubalin, Erik Spiekermann, and some other TDC medalists.”

…believe that if the National Weather Service can finally make an organization-wide typographic change from yelling its weather-related information at us in all caps to delivering it politely in sentence case, my well-meaning, caps lock-addicted granny can, too. For a soft-spoken woman in her 80s, she can really send some harsh emails about her garden plants and poetry group.


…see that Milton Glaser has certainly been making the media rounds lately, but more insights from the inimitable designer and AIGA Medalist—lately on ethics, mainly—is never a bad thing.

…admit to actually watching Kim Kardashian’s five-word acceptance speech at The Webby’s for her Break the Internet award (let me spare you the wasted time, it was “Nude selfies till I die”) and feel a little bummed out that an awards program I actually like felt the need to go there.

…hope every designer who’s been clamoring for something like the newly established Designer Founder Guild, which aims to support entrepreneurs in design and tech, will go take advantage of some of its incredible-sounding resources, like a handy “list of recommended investors who’ve backed companies co-founded by designers, because it’s hard to know which investors understand and value design at the early stages.”

…love the clever way the form of the Vilcek Prize is based of the letterforms of each individual recipient. Hear AIGA Medalists Paola Antonelli and Stefan Sagmeister sings its praises in this maker-porn 3D-printing video.