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This week I…

…clap my hands silly applauding all the great work by Core77’s Design Award winners. Hat tip to the Visual Communication awardees at Walker Art Center’s in-house design team for its top-notch work on the Hippie Modernism exhibition catalogue. I’m also quite partial to studio fnt’s posters for the Typojanchi Biennale in Seoul.

…reckon there’s a lot any designer can learn from the unearthed findings of “the great midcentury personality study” conducted at UC Berkeley in the ’50s, which illuminate the working habits of architects, specifically, but ultimately frame the “successful creative as fundamentally, someone who is able to survive, in a healthy way, the chaos that comes from an idea in formation to a point of arrival.”

Architects undergoing testing at UC Berkeley

…plan to put Google’s 13 new lady boss emojis to great use if/when Unicode chooses to adopt them. The new icons include roles like doctor, farmer, rock star, and what I can only assume is professional suit-wearer. As Google says in its proposal, “Isn’t it time that emoji also reflect the reality that women play a key role in every walk of life and in every profession?” C’mon, Unicode. Do the right thing.


…sit in awe of Penguin’s ever impressive design team, this time for its reissue of three books by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. To create completely unique covers for each edition, the designers re-coded Dawkins’ own early computer programming to render “an insect-like ‘biomorph,’ a curving shell-like structure, or a minimalist set of color wavelengths.”

…was genuinely surprised by Invision’s design survey results: 75% of designers work in a corporate office? More than half of the highest paid U.S. designers live in California, and of those a whopping 62% live in San Francisco? The ratio of women to men in design roles, from entry level to director, is nearly even—really? Wait, no really, Invision?

…visit one of my first art and design loves, László Moholy-Nagy, who’s finally getting a major U.S. exhibition at the Guggenheim after not receiving much museum love in 50 years.

…have more fun with placeholder text than I ever have before (granted, the bar was pretty low) with Lorem fucking ipsum, created by, who else, Good Fucking Design Advice.


…think this beard print in the new online shop launched by designer and illustrator (and Eye on Design fave) Pol Solsana is the spitting image of our new editorial resident, James Cartwright, at least what I can tell from his Twitter icon. He’ll be working remotely till the U.S. government decides to approve his visa, at which point we’ll meet in person and I can judge the accuracy of Solsana’s caricature.

Beard print, by Pol Solsana
Beard print, by Pol Solsana