As editorial director at AIGA, I keep tabs on all the design news (so you don’t have to) and bring you only the best bits. Behold: my hit list of the most interesting things I’ve seen, read, and watched this week. Follow along all day every day on Instagram @AIGAdesign and Twitter @AIGAdesign.

This week I…

…watch as Louise Fili takes on the signs of Barcelona for her follow-up book to Paris and Florence. Because everything just looks better in neon cursive.

…reaffirm my belief in the power of good graphic design with this simple fix that could have prevented Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe gaff—though nothing could have saved him from his own embarrassingly misspelled tweets.

…relive all the logo loving and hating from the past year with Fast Co’s list of the best and worst brand redesigns of 2015. Like me, you may not agree with all their selections, but in case you were lucky enough to skip the malicious social media nonsense all year long and kind of want to catch up, you can get up to speed now in just a couple minutes.

…score a 9/10 on the 2015 design news quiz put out by Design Week. I totally guessed on the best font of the General Election question. That bit didn’t make its way across the pond.

…hope you’ll forgive the short list this week. I’ve been busy sleeping in for the first time all year at my in-laws in Vermont, where, like most of the country, it’s way warmer than usual (and I’m loving it).