Remember a few years back when everyone with a free trial version of Photoshop created variations of the Human Rights Campaign logo to show their support for marriage equality? Now actual designers (with actual Photoshop skills) are lending their talents and their voices to champion same-sex marriage in anticipation of Ireland’s May 22nd referendum in the new Yes for Love campaign.

Here’s the constitutional amendment in question that Irish voters can give a yay or nay to: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with the law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.” If you agree with that statement, the Yes for Love founders are asking you to download one of the many “Yes” images created by topnotch designers and use it as your social media profile.

Since there are hundreds of contributions to choose from at this point, we’ve included some of our favorites here (plus download links) to make it super simple for you to get involved:

The first three images are by Jon JonesMax Philips (Signal Type Foundry), and Dave Comiskey. The second set are by Paul Gately (Motif)Gianni (Dolce Merda), and Diarmuid OCathain. And the one below is by Bob Gray (Red & Grey).

You can also register to vote right on the site. And in case you were wondering, yes, there’s a hashtag: #yesforlove.