Mona Chalabi on the main stage of the Eye on Design Conference, 2017

Mona Chalabi, data editor of The Guardian and producer of its Emmy-nominated web video series Vagina Dispatches, took to the stage of the Eye on Design Conference to talk about pantyhose sales, affirmative action, left-handed people, the KKK, pubic hair grooming injuries, third nipples, wage gap, herpes, pizza, and nose jobs—which might sound like a pretty disparate set of topics, but you know what ties them all together? Data.

Here, Chalabi reveals how she finds data points about issues she cares about and uses them in a way that gets other people to care about them, too, which, for designers and illustrators, can become a sort of superpower. But how do you source reliable (as in actually factual) data, interpret it, and then turn it into a compelling, high shareable visual that tells a story in and of itself? Get ready to take notes as Chalabi shares some of her data secrets.