Visual ingenuity, striking subtleties, and complex geometries do the talking in PRINT MATTERS, an impressive new book from Hong Kong publishers viction:ary. Packed with over 110 examples of branding, identity, packaging, and communication design, the curated volume examines all things new and cutting-edge in printmaking.

Exploring how today’s designers balance traditional, hands-on techniques with inventive and often playful approaches to the medium, PRINT MATTERS invites the reader to “look beyond the beauty of the works and dig deeper” to understand why and how certain print techniques, effects, and materials are used to communicate or enhance a concept. The result is an enticing collection laid out over 200 pages of rich, color photographs showcasing a diverse selection of projects accompanied by key facts and an explanatory index of symbols that reference specific printing and production techniques. The sheer variety of print processes available is overwhelming, yet the information is easy to digest, with a strong focus on the visual over the written word. Expect insights into the tactile qualities of how each project might feel and function, adding an extra layer of understanding to how designs are translated into print.

Project highlights include a vibrant yellow identity for GBOX (Golden Box) Studios by Croatian branding agency Bratus (above); a playful approach for Miami-based food brand Jammy Yummy by Barcelona’s Hey Studio (below), featuring a set of random, die-cut perforations that evoke the idea of nibbling; and an elaborate pictorial graphics identity with a touch of luxury designed by Penang and Singapore based creative studio Oddds (very top).


Hong Kong Studio BLOW feature in the book twice for their ongoing partnership with Polytrade Papers—once for “Project Charisma,” a festive promo teaser executed with a range of techniques include paper folding, die cutting, spot colors, and screen printing; and later for their “Fishion” Chinese New Year red pocket series that illustrates the elegant and lively movements of the fish on colorful environmental friendly astrobrights papers (both below).

More than just a compendium of the latest branding projects, PRINT MATTERS is a tightly curated celebration of exploration and experimentation with strong attention to craftsmanship that will resonate with professionals and aspiring designers alike.