You just presented a client with two different directions for the poster/ad/packaging/wayfinding/etc. they hired you to do, and they, being utter fools, chose the competent work you only sorta-kinda like and turned down the stuff you poured your heart into. Sorry, that sucks. Here’s what you should do right after you cash their check: put the rejected-but-still-perfectly-good work online. Studio Marianne Beck did, and we’re betting that if it caught our eye, it might very well catch the eye of a potential client, too—and one that already likes the stuff she’s into making.

The project in question is this fun “typeface” made from colorful bits of paper arranged into geometric forms. It’s one of a number of “self-initiated projects, happy accidents, unexpected discoveries, projects of pure decoration, forgotten, rejected sketches, or work in process” Beck posts to her Tumblr, Serendipity Graphic World. Are they all winners? No, and that’s the point. It’s a non-critical place to share work without the pressure of feedback or approval.

If you tend to be precious about your professional online portfolio, a site like this isn’t only a great outlet, but, we’d argue, also a vital companion piece that shows the wider scope of who you are as a designer and as a person. After all, that’s who any future client will have to meet at some point.

Not into sharing pieces from your reject pile? Or did something good come from showing the work? Tell us about it on Twitter @AIGAdesign.

marianne-beck-tumblr1 marianne-beck-tumblr3

Hat tip to It’s Nice That.