It’s a curious thing when a when a digital company decides to publish a book, taking what normally lives online off. But now Behance, the online portal where international pool of creatives post their portfolios, has just released Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work (Gestalten). Rather than a wrap-up, Super-Modified surveys trends in fine and digital art, illustration, photography, web and product design, and more, pulling from Behance’s ample archives that date back ten years. Behance has since partnered with Adobe, and the book serves in part as a tribute to the Creative Suite creator. Partnership aside, it should be noted that without this software, many of the projects in the book wouldn’t have been possible.

Behance’s content curators judiciously chose work to fit within 18 thematic chapters, and there’s a lot to see. From “Digitally Modified Realities” to “Aerial Landscapes,” the quality of the cutting-edge work is very strong, as evidenced by Norwegian artist Ashkan Honarvar’s photographs in the first chapter. His Faces series is a visual commentary on the intense physical and mental traumas soldiers experience in war, but the gravitas is tempered by wounds made of candy. The haunting images leave a lasting impression.

Whatever your particular interest, be it typography, fashion, or interiors, Super-Modified manages to cover a lot of ground and satisfy on two levels: as an anthology of emerging art and design practices, and as a inspiration sourcebook. It’s a delight to dip in and out of, flipping through its pages to uncover the treasures within. Bonus: each book comes wrapped in a poster, ready for hanging.