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The Eye on Design Guide to Illustrated Sweatshirts

Add a little wink to your winter wardrobe

In the winter months, nothing brings us quite as much unbridled joy as pulling on a giant, slouchy sweater that’s been adorned by the pen of one of our most beloved illustrators. The sartorial equivalent of comfort food, a sweatshirt is an ultimate addition to your winter wardrobe—an absolute essential for dark, drizzly nights and blizzardy winds. You’ve got to wear one, so why not add a little splash of delight to your outfit by selecting something with a hand-drawn design? Whether you’re a wood-cut fanatic or a sci-fi enthusiast, the unisex sweatshirts we’ve curated will keep you toasty and dapper.

Ping Pong Sweatshirt

by Ruohan Wang, $51

Pair this pullover with white sneakers and black jeans for an outfit that’s definitely worth losing your head over. The illustrator behind the screen-printed design, Berlin-based Ruohan Wang, is recognizable for her sketchy, digital work that combines Tumblr-style media with scrappy lines and wobbly characters. In the past, we’ve gone so far as to dub her “queen of surreal gifs.” This offbeat white and green Ping Ping sweatshirt is indicative of Wang’s dark, dream-like humor as an illustrator: it features two headless figures playing a curious game of table tennis with a head rather instead of a ball. A real head-turner of an item.

Purchase the Ping Ping sweatshirt from Ruohan Wang’s online store.

Darkness Sweatshirt

by Sophy Hollington, $29

If you find winter’s chill and darkness more romantic than depressing—and if you have a certain weakness for astrology and star-gazing— then this densely illustrated long-sleeved design from Sophy Hollington is the one for you. Not one to cut corners, Hollington often works with relief prints that are sliced together using the lengthy process of Lino-cutting, and this metallic silver on black illustration for Everpress has been designed no differently. With a moon face on the front, and a troupe of star-children and fiery comets on the back, this sweater is an essential for those with their head in the clouds.

Purchase the Darkness sweatshirt by Sophy Hollington via Everpress.

Robot Sweatshirt

by Pete Sharp, $42

Intergalactic robots and space-age jelly-fish by Pete Sharp enliven Fool’s Gold Records’ latest long-sleeve tee. Sharp’s illustrated world is often dominated by cyborgs and feral creatures, along with textured surfaces and jarring typography. This latest neon orange design—available on a black or purple background—is no different. We recommend pairing with sweatpants and thick heeled trainers for a look that’s out of this world.

Purchase Pete Sharp’s Robot Sweatshirt from Fool’s Gold Records.

The Artist Sweatshirt

by Anna Haifisch, $46

For the sensitive soul and winter hibernator, we recommend this sweatshirt by Anna Haifisch from The Illustrated Mind. Anyone familiar with Haifisch’s comics for Vice will recognize the melancholy bird known as “the artist” adorning the front of the design. Leipzig-based Haifisch has described disheveled character to us in the past: “His mother was a swan and his father was a crane. When you think of his texture, I want him to be soft as a feather and little warmer than body temperature. When you touch his chest, you should be able to feel his heartbeat.” Wear this garment if your in need of a sensitive winter companion to shyly accompany you on your misadventures.

Buy The Artist Sweatshirt by Anna Haifisch via The Illustrated Mind.

Burning Girl Sweatshirt

by Kaye Blegvad, $63

Pull on this Burning Girl sweatshirt from Good Day Club to keep you warm throughout the winter months. Its designer Kaye Blegvad currently lives and works in Brooklyn—her illustrations often deal with ideas around female identity and mental health. This elegant, simple black, white, and red design is for those who proudly wear their heart on their sleeve. 

Buy the Burning Girl sweatshirt rom Kate Blegvad via Good Day Club.

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