Paweł Mildner, The Lousy Florals
A new letter in a series penned by our mercurial illustration lover.


Dear friends,
I place before you some of the most delicious Polish illustration that has found form in the last ten summers. It fills the barren wastelands of the blank page with landscapes borrowed from the brain of an impish creature and mischief-maker, Paweł Mildner.

Here lie the mingled souls of pencil, ink, and paper. In them you will find both cheerful distraction from your daily toil and deeper appreciation for the limitless creation of the human hand; the textural sensation; chromatic revelation; bewitching composition; a marriage of practiced study and natural talent finding harmony on the page.

Look, and you will see a little winged fairy, perilously caught in the web of a giant spider, awaiting her demise.
Look, and you will see a massive dragon scaring a tiny man half to death.
Look, and you will know that this fella’s really got a knack for visual storytelling.

For 40 minutes now I have been staring at his work, longing to tell you all about how absolutely tip-top I think it is. Good eh?