We’ve been planning the 2016 AIGA Design Conference for so long now it’s hard to believe it’s really almost here, but almost here it is—and we can’t wait. So we didn’t. There are so many good things packed into a mere three days that we decided to kick things off early by asking six pairs of Design Conference speakers from various parts of the programming to interview each other, sparking conversations about craft, clients, crazy reactions to logos, how to improve diversity in design, the state of design education, and creating communities with independent magazines. We traversed time zones from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California and came back with stories inspiring enough to last you till we see you in Vegas soon.

Can Digital Designers Make Up for a Lack of Tactility—and Lack of Diversity?
Diogenes Brito and Amos Kennedy on their divergent analog + on-screen worlds

What’s Left After the Logo Steals the Glory?
Designers + brand experts Debbie Millman + Kiera Alexandra on navigating client relationships

How to Publish a Magazine that Builds Community
The Great Discontent + Hello Mr.’s editors on the turning a mag into a movement

Hand-drawn Type Masters Jessica Hische + Gemma O’Brien on When to Say No

What Today’s Students are Taught About Design’s Shifting Landcape
Sean Adams + Rachel Troye take teaching seriously

Wait for the Big Bucks or do the Best With What You’ve Got?
Tracy Ma + David Heasty spell out the secret to design success

Register by October 6 and join us for three days of incredible mainstage speakers moderated by Roman Mars, creator of the 99% Invisible podcast—plus thought-provoking symposiums, hands-on workshops, a live design competition, and design fair, where you can shop the best independent magazines from around the world at the Eye on Design x magCulture pop-up shop. See the full schedule for more.