Dageraad, by Fivethousand Fingers

Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week we’ve assembled a drinks cabinet stocked exclusively with beverages branded in gold. Such sophistication!

King and Mouse, by CLINIC 212

“Famous Vilnius whisky bar and shop King & Mouse was releasing its signature, limited-edition whisky,” explains Lithuanian agency CLINIC 212. “To make the product stand out from the traditional whisky brands, and to bring attention to the release, a unique packaging was needed.” And so it created a bespoke box of unusual geometric proportions, and adorned the whisky bottle with a cheeky little crown. The luxurious packaging comes in thick royal blue card, and the whole ensemble is tied together with a tastefully understated gold foil. Apparently it sells like hot cakes.

Winchester Gin, by Sant Harwicke

Winchester is one of England’s ancient seats of power; the heart of Medieval Wessex and the birthplace of the idea of a unified England. So to make a gin bearing its name requires a certain sense of history. Sussex-based agency Sant Hawicke has gone to town on Winchester Gin, creating a label and identity that puts the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (the table still hangs in Winchester Great Hall) at the heart of the new brand. Not to mention a shed-load of gold.

Dageraad, by Fivethousand Fingers

The story of Dageraad is one of a “fuelled pilgrimage” to Antwerp in Belgium that saw the brewery’s founder return at once to his home in British Columbia and establish a Belgian-style brewery in homage. The identity itself draws on broad influences, “from the elegance of Art Nouveau to the charming simplicity of early Dutch advertising… Hand-lettering, illustration, and an emphasis on material quality are the constants in creating a product which people will be drawn to pick up and reluctant to discard.” And what ties all this together? It’s got to be all the gold.

Coopers Classic, by Pavement

“When Cooperstown Distillery created Cooper’s Classic, it was deemed the finest, smoothest whisky to come from their distinctive line of handcrafted, artisanal spirits,” say San Francisco’s Pavement. “The branding of this whiskey also needed to reflect the company’s deep appreciation for American history and more than a passing admiration for a local boy made good: author James Fenimore Cooper.” The solution? Lashings of golden, hand-drawn serifs embossed on a deep indigo label.