Innovative consulting firm Redscout is well known in the industry for refreshing big name brands (American Express, Pepsi, and Sephora, to name a few); what’s not so well known is how they do it. That degree of confidentiality is by design, of course, yet they still wanted to find a way to raise their profile without giving away any trade secrets. Enter Franklyn, the Brooklyn-based design studio known for boosting the images of companies like Sothebys and the New York Times.

Franklyn figured the best way to give Redscout some personality was to look at the people who work there, so they created and identity system of business cards, pitch decks, and posters, all illustrated with cartoons of Redscout’s staff. According to Franklyn co-founder Michael Freimuth, the cartoons brought “an element of playfulness and serve as an interesting foil to the very serious, high-powered work that they do. We thought this kind of cult-y approach would be intriguing to potential clients and other outsiders.”

The project, which is still in progress, now includes over 70 portraits and 500 icons—symbols that adorn each staff member’s portrait and tell a little story about who they are; the diverse collection already includes Biggie, Hyperspace, cocktails, tacos, and at least one Simpson’s character. When it came time to design the iconography of each portrait, Franklyn sent the Redscout team questionnaires to discover their personality—and received some surprising results. “We learned an awful lot about their staff,” recalls Freimuth. “Some of them are into some weird shit…in a good way.”

The portraits were drawn by New York-based designer and illustrator Simone Noronha, whose simple line work is both striking and lively. “We needed a style that could be both iconographic, playful, and instructive,” says Freimuth. “A simple ‘monoline’ style felt right, assuming we offset the simplicity of it with the weirdness of the things we were actually illustrating. Apparently clients are begging for their own, too!”