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This week I…

… feel a bit chilly, and therefore lusty about the designs over on Woollaa, a site that lets you create your own personalised scarf designs, thanks to the glorious union between a knitting machine and computer. Woollaa was founded by Amsterdam-based designers Friederike and Florian Pfeffer in cooperation with Wolle Rödel. The company clearly has an eye for commissioning great designers and illustrators: they’ve got the likes of Hort, Fourfivex, Denis Yilmaz, Peter Bilak, Hoard, and Zipeng Zhu on board to create their woollen wonders.

… get down on my knees and marvel at the world’s largest bible, as discovered by Madeleine Morley, and discoverable online thanks to Pathé’s treasure trove of old footage on YouTube. It weighs half a ton and contains 8,048 pages, fact fans!


… alert comics artists and illustrators to Resist!, a new publication  guest-edited by none other than The New Yorker art editor Françoise Mouly and writer Nadja Spiegelman, the daughter of Mouly and Art Spiegelman. The site currently features a call-out for half or one-page comics “on the theme of political resistance to the forces of intolerance.” The publication says: “We are aiming to make the print version an all-women issue, though we’ll remain open-minded and we will consider all submissions.”

30,000 copies will be distributed for free on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, in Washington D.C.  Further distribution will occur at the Women’s March on January 21 and throughout the U. S.

Exodo, by Alexander Horne

… am really digging the spooky, glitched-out sounds of Cohoba, a Dominican-born, Santo Domingo-based producer who has just released (“dropped?”) his debut  record, Exodo EP, on the Fine Grains label. Why do we like the label? Just check out those lovely sleeve design patterns, created by Alex Horne.

Where’s Waldo in 3D

…. desperately seek Waldo, now in even more impenetrable 360 degrees . Honestly, I have absolutely no idea where he is.


… peruse the lovely new zine Divine, created by designer and art director Jillian Adel. The site can be pretty NSFW, so don’t rush over if you’re in a compromising setting. The publication explores the intersection of art, sexuality, identity, and “self love” (walking?) in the form of photography, lettering, and prose.