Serbia isn’t exactly a design hub, but that doesn’t worry Nemanja Jehlichka. “There’s so much room for design,” says the graphic designer. “So many possibilities.” Jehlichka is the founder of Lorem Ipsum, a Belgrade design firm whose portfolio is as varied as you might expect from a studio supporting the city’s burgeoning art and small business scene. For proof, just take a look at his website. Abstract illustrations sit alongside Art Deco-inspired logos, which are next to an Op Art visual identity, next to a decorative typeface. When you’re one of a small group of creatives in the city, you have to be able to do it all.

Shortly after high school, Jehlichka got his first graphic design job at a large post-production company. He bounced around from agency to agency, never quite finding his creative footing. “I was never comfortable with the mannerism of agency work and the lack of creative thought and research in general,” he says. “Lack of time, working with the same clients on the same projects on a daily basis, and also the fact you had to compromise a lot.”

In 2011 he partnered with two friends, illustrator Bratislav Milenkovic and copywriter Nikola Zmajevic to form Lorem Ipsum, which he describes as “a playground for design-driven concepts and ideas.” The designer was looking for challenging projects where he could flex his more rebellious design inclinations.

Jehlichka’s work has a modern sort of ornateness to it. Though focused and bold, it’s a refreshing departure from so much of the purely minimalist work that’s out there. For example, take Lorem Ipsum’s work on the Sound and Visions Festival, an annual multimedia event held in a small town in eastern Serbia. Jehlichka cleverly wove the idea of sound waves into the identity, drawing heavily on optical playfulness (likely a nod to his longtime love of Op Art pioneer Victor Vasarely). You see the same geometric leanings in the identity for Savina Winery, though it’s scaled back enough to feel appropriate on a Chardonnay bottle.

His work on Kabinet brewery, one of the only small craft breweries in Serbia, is probably the best example of Lorem Ipsum’s artistic breadth. When asked to develop an identity that would reflect the handcrafted nature of the beer, Jehlichka quickly realized it was an opportunity to create a cohesive wordmark and logo while going long on playfulness for each individual beer The wordmark is a clean sans-serif Jehlichka designed himself, but underneath sits an illustration—“a cabinet of curiosities”—assigned specifically to a beer. There’s an Art Deco porter, an optically lined pilsner, a peacock-adorned IPA…you get the picture. “Imagine every project looking the same or having the same feeling to it,” he says. “Boring.”