A new letter in a series penned by our mercurial illustration lover.

Dear Nadine,

I write you this poem to express my gratitude for your good humor and strange comics. The format was stolen, but the sentiment is heartfelt in spite of the theft. Ahem…

It was probably two or three years ago,
At a showcase of comics and zines
I encountered a girl who drew cracking cartoons
Who went by the name of Nadine;
And this artist she lived with no other thought
Than to put googly eyes on a tree.

She was an artist and I was a hack,
At this festival full of cool zines,
Where she drew pods of peas who were sharing a joke
And a cast of characters seemingly choked
By the weight of the anguish to which they were yoked,
And some stones chilling out by the sea.

And so in an instant, a few years ago,
At that fair about comics and zines,
I chuckled with glee at a marvelous sight
Sketched by the hand of Nadine;
A flabby wee man with his arse in the air
Grinning as though he had not a care,
For his nakedness—smooth, not a trace of hair—
His buttocks exuberantly free.

So I’ve ripped off this poem by poor Mr. Poe,
To celebrate all of her zines
Because laughter’s a tonic (as everyone knows)
To restore a dark mood to a lustrous glow,
And with each witty panel my happiness grows.
So thanks very much, Nadine.