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…watch the worlds of design and education collide in the latest issues of Creative Review and Intern, the fantastic newish magazine “by and for the creative youth.” Both titles engage in a frank discussion about how creativity is taught, why it costs so much in some places and so little in others, and where it seems to be paying off the most right now. I strongly suggest picking up a copy.


…am equal parts surprised and (extremely) pleased to learn that Riposte, an incredible magazine with a mission to “inspire readers with stories of women who are bold and fascinating–who are carving a life or career out for themselves on their own terms,” shuns all photo retouching. As editor-in-chief (and personal hero) Danielle Pender rightly points out, “You can take a beautiful photograph of an older woman without retouching her image or patronizing her.”


…never thought I’d see the day when typographers made front-page news once, let alone 26 days in a row, but artist Anna Schuleit Haber (above right), who was commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum in Massachusetts to create a piece of public art, has enlisted one typographer for every letter of the alphabet, which will appear daily on the cover of the local paper, the Sentinel & Enterprise, through August 11.

…couldn’t have predicted typography and robotics would go together so well, but a group of Swiss media and interaction design students found no end of clever ways to make their bots spell the phrase: “The good thing about robots is that they do what you tell them to do. And the bad thing about robots is that they do what you tell them to do.”


…censor myself with designer Emil Kozole’s Seen, a new typeface that automatically strikes out words on the NSA’s “spook” list, which include terms you’d expect them to track, like “ISIS,” “president,” and “explosives,” but also a few you wouldn’t, like “curly” or “football.” You can test it by typing in anything you like to see how trackable you are.

…can’t make up my mind who to bet on for the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design, though I’m kinda partial to Elastic’s opening sequence for “Halt and Catch Fire.” According to Art of the Title, there are hardly any surprises on this list. “All of the studios nominated for their work are heavyweights of the industry, with at least a decade of title design for major networks and series under their belts.”

…sate my love of beautiful posters with the very in-depth episodes from The Poster Boys, a podcast started by two talented film poster designers (The Criterion Collection, Janus Films, IFCFilms, Oscilloscope, etc.), whose work you probably already own and don’t even know it.


…download the color-perception game, Specimen, which was just released by motion design director Erica Gorochow and senior iOS engineer Sal Randazzo, and discover that while I may have terrible eyesight, I at least have a keen sense of color—and now a new app addiction.