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This week I…

…bid a very fond farewell to Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger, who died on September 12 at the age of 87. Referred to as “the best type designer of the 20th century,” his 30-plus typefaces (including Univers, Avenir, and of course Frutiger) have been helping people find their way around the world, from the street signs in London to downtown Disney World. He was something of a legend in my household growing up (even my race-car mechanic brother knows him by name), and he will truly be missed.

“On my career path I learned to understand that beauty and readability—and up to a certain point, banality—are close bedfellows: the best typeface is the one that impinges least on the reader’s consciousness, becoming the sole tool that communicates the meaning of the writer to the understanding of the reader.”

Adrian Frutiger, portrait by Henk Gianotten

…love me some wood type, and have hoarded my fair share, but I’ve never seen a specimen as big as this 120-year-old block for the Jersey Cream company. After uncovering it in the basement of the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, where it lay unnoticed for the past century, the folks at The Beauty of Letterpress have restored it and printed a limited-edition run of 100 prints (available for $100).

…score a dismal 15/25 on Adobe’s “Real or Photoshopped” quiz. You start out strong but in the end you’re just guessing.

Real or photoshopped? Take a guess.

…realize I’m the last one to the party on the Cheese or font? quiz but am nonetheless enchanted, and yep, there goes the rest of my afternoon.

…still don’t totally get why you’d want to write messages using letterforms that tell the time of day you wrote them, but if experimental typefaces are your jam, you’ll probably want to pick up Diurne, part font, part sundial, but mostly just confusing.


…totally lose it at the newsstand, where Kyle MacLachlan’s tear-stained face on the latest issue of Fantastic Man instantly brings me back to my Twin Peaks binge-watching days (this was pre-Netflix, people, that took planning and dedication). This is the man who got me to drink my coffee black, appreciate how charming a G-rated penguin joke can be (fans will know what I’m talking about), and oh, so much more. I <3 you forever, Kyle.


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