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This week I…

…join in with the rest of the AIGA design community in wishing Bart Crosby (who was >awarded the AIGA Medal in 2005) a full recovery from a recent, very unfortunate auto racing accident. In lieu of hospital visits, Bart’s family is encouraging friends and colleagues to send your thoughts and prayers his way—with a design exercise, of course. “All you have to do is design your original typographic expression of the letters ‘B’ or ‘C’ on the furnished templates. Upload your image to the site and we’ll make sure that Bart’s initials and the ‘Come Back Bart’ movement takes flight. Your images will fill his hospital room and we’ll also be creating case bound editions of the entire collection as keepsakes.”

…can’t wait till Milton Glaser’s latest “It’s not warming, it’s dying” billboard comes down so I can buy it as a bag via the new art-focused upcycling design project RAREFORM just launched.

…jot down some good advice on how to start my day from former Wieden+Kennedy creative director Jim Riswold (via his interview with The Great Discontent)

“Start every day stupid. If you start every day stupid you start every day without inhibition and inhibition is creativity’s kryptonite.”

…find myself disagreeing with illustrator and designer Seymour Chwast, who thinks “Illustration has gone downhill a lot. There are fewer magazines that show illustration and fewer books too, as fewer books are being produced. It’s a problem.” I’m usually the last person to be called an optimist, but I actually feel like we’re in something of an illustration boom right now, particularly with the scores of amazing new independent magazines, many of which depend on illustration over photography to art their pages.

Illustration by Seymour Chwast
Illustration by Seymour Chwast

…present exhibit A on that front, the cover illustration of new Italian mag cura., a fun pattern made from a bunch of noses in profile. Am I wrong in thinking that this would look great as a dress?

cura. magazine
cura. magazine

…check in with America’s original creative agency, the office of Charles and Ray Eames, who’ve got a new exhibition up at the Barbican in London (“The World of Charles and Ray Eames”) that shows just how much they did beyond furniture and product design, yet always with the goal to “provide the best for the most for the least.”

…wish English looked more like Arabic after seeing the beautiful fonts Typotheque is launching its new Arabic type foundry with Lebanese designer Kristyan Sarkis.


…will gladly fork over $8 to Mother’s Chris Roan for a custom tweet, which is just one of a handful of weird and wonderful products/services available in the new Mother Made staff shop. Stay tuned—we’ll have more on how this shakes out later this week.


…feel orange, yellow, and maybe a little green about the week ahead, at least according to the emotional color wheel created by one designer in what’s possibly the most ambitious and most beautiful example of the Quantified Self movement I’ve ever seen.