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This week I…

…take a typographic tour of Broadway via an incredible new project that documents the most noteworthy type found along the 13-mile stretch from West 181 Street all the way down to Bowling Green. The team at Hopes&Fears distilled over 200 letterforms down to a tightly curated (and fully interactive) 26-letter alphabet that captures “as diverse a range of type category, classification, and method of production as possible, while showcasing a distinct letter or digit for each in the alphabet.”

…think it’s about time you won an award for all the amazing typographic work you do, right? Luckily both the Type Directors Club and Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards are calling for entries.

Call for entries, The Type Directors Club Call for entries, The Type Directors Club
Call for entries, The Type Directors Club Call for entries, The Type Directors Club

…can’t wait to visit our magCulture friends at their very own magazine shop in London. Congrats on breaking ground, guys! We’ll see you at the opening, bubbly in hand.

…watch worlds beautifully collide as photographer Robin Stein takes a page from Bauhaus bosses El Lissitsky and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in this shoot of objects by one my favorite studios, Ladies & Gentlemen.

by Ladies & Gentlemen
by Ladies & Gentlemen

…warm my heart as the NYC temp drops with The Great Discontent’s interview with Adam R. Garcia, who says he first discovered the power of design when he made a bumper sticker in high school for his dance crew, Battle Cats. Battle Cats! You go read the interview (and learn why he quit his job at Nike to go freelance) while I figure out what kind of company I can start just so I can call it Battle Cats.

…can finally sleep at night now that I know what Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video looks like without Drake, or any of the dancers, or any sound whatsoever. This pulsating, moody, and utterly silent version is by designer Vesna Jocic.

…agree that it’s high time illustrators were treated as more than hired hands (the way graphic designers used to be regarded, and in many cases still are) brought in on a project to “pretty it up” or add visual “punch.” It should go without saying that illustrators are keen creative thinkers and have loads of ideas that extend well beyond the page—but I’m glad illustrator Alice Moloney stuck her neck out and said it anyway.

…brace myself for the very different Paris I’m visiting this weekend. This will be my fifth time in the city, but I’m not quite sure what to expect besides locals wearing Jean Jullien’s spot-on symbol, drawn within minutes of hearing the news of the attacks. Get to know the incredibly talented illustrator in Wired’s recent interview, and then see more of his brill work.