British Rail Corporate Identity

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This week I…

…live another day, support another graphic designer’s corporate identity manual on Kickstarter. This time it’s coming from across the pond, via Wallace Henning’s campaign to republish the original British Rail manual, from the much beloved logo by Design Research Unit, to its various type treatments, uniforms, signage—the works.

…eagerly await the release of the very cool projects young interaction designers are cooking up in IKEA’s Space10 innovation lab, an incubator that pairs students from around the world to develop solutions to issues like energy consumption and water conservation—and come up with future IKEA products in the process.

…follow along with the latest installment of Core77’s excellent “Designing Women” series, this time all about the surprising way AIGA Medalist Elaine Lustig Cohen got her start after her famous designer husband Alvin died and she was thrust into the role by none other than architect Philip Johnson. Looks like she took to the job pretty well.


…am happy to see AIGA member Stefanie Brückler getting some much deserved recognition as Print’s “Designer of the Week.” If you’re not already familiar with her clean editorial design and illustrative yet (somehow still) spare typographical work, I highly advise a portfolio perusal.

…wish James Victore all the best on Victory Labs, his new venture that takes the role he’s grown into as design’s biggest teacher/cheerleader/sensei and turns it into a master class series of sorts on how creativity can improve business and how designers can get a bit more savvy about their practice.

…sample the best of Berlin’s design scene, from the Hem showroom, where everything is as affordable as it is beautifully made, to Paper & Tea’s new tea vodka infusion kits (below), paper goods mecca Modular, the always inspiring Gestalten space (Monocle’s got a great selection of spendy treats there), the indie magazine shop to end all indie magazine shops, do you read me ?!, and the one-stop shop where you can buy everything you need for your whole entire life (and spend your whole entire paycheck in the process), Manufactum. New York, I’ll be dragging my tired, poor, huddled (but mostly just poor) ass back home soon.