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This week I…

…wipe the final dusting of dry wall and sanded bits of plaster off my Herman Miller standing desk and ergonomic chair—AIGA’s move and year-long construction in our new Perkins Eastman-designed office space in the famous Woolworth building in downtown NYC (or FiDi, a.k.a. the Financial District as obnoxious real estate agents like say) is finally complete, and we have the pictures to prove it. Come up and see us some time, why dontcha?

Copyright James Ewing. Courtesy Perkins Eastman.
Copyright James Ewing. Courtesy Perkins Eastman.

…use Type to Design, the online font generator that sources letters and numbers from @36daysoftype’s amazing Instagram archives, to spell out unprintables and generally just dumb stuff that’s way too lowbrow for the likes of its creators, designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea. I classed it up a bit for the blog here, but you’re free to type whatever you like in their interchangeable online word creator—and then print and frame the results (or take a screen grab if you’re cheap like me).

by @jorgegallardo1984, @acidozitrico, @aljamito, @iconoblast_studio
by @jorgegallardo1984, @acidozitrico, @aljamito, @iconoblast_studio

…never expected the latest example of how essential graphic design is to business to come from one of my very own “happy places,” the Globe theatre. Yeah, I’m talking about Shakespeare and design again. The Globe’s new artistic director Emma Rice is keen on working with bold designers from all disciplines to broaden the storied theatre’s appeal, starting with artist Dan Hillier on the upcoming “Wonder” season.

Type treatment for the Globe theatre’s Wonder season, by Dan Hillier

…didn’t know you could win an award for generally improving the state of the world, but something called the Crystal Awards (which just sound fake, right?) from the Davos World Economic Forum gave this year’s to the very award-worthy artist Olafur Eliasson in a nod to his 2012 social good project Little Sun, which “provides solar-powered light to communities without electricity and trains young locals to further the Little Sun initiative by becoming sales agents for the business.”

…finally figured out what’s better than contemporary design homages to super clean International Graphic Style, and that’s super clean graphic homages in motion, like Swiss in CSS by interaction designer Jon Yablonski, who, among other things, maintains the Web Field Manual, an excellent resource for the best experience design articles and guides. And if Swiss in CSS is too slick for you, view it in CodePen.

…continue to be buoyed by our undying commitment to bringing nature to those who refuse to live near it. Last weekend I strolled through a forest of hanging pine trees at gallery in Queens, and in just two months Rotterdam residents will breathe in the scent of 20 floating elms in their new “Bobbing Forest,” an installation in the city’s “unused harbor basin of Rijnhaven.”

…approach Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s 12-step kindness and empathy experiment with some skepticism, but that’s pretty much how I approach everything, so no undue offense, guys. Steve Heller calls the project “heartwarming, funny, and teeth-gnashingly embarrassing. Whether you view its conceit as selfless or obnoxiously self-indulgent, the project is largely driven by Walsh and Goodman’s vulnerability, which is real, palpable, and prominently featured. ‘We’re putting parts of our personal lives online as a catalyst to tell a story,’ says Goodman.” New Yorkers can also watch their videos to remember what the city is like when it’s not too cold outside to walk a single block.