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This week I…

…would probably kill myself if I committed to drawing an apple every single day for an entire year, but the making of one person’s insanity is another’s creative practice, and I’m duly impressed by Ken Carbone’s stamina. No doubt the 2014 AIGA Medalist and co-founder and creative director of Carbone Smolan Agency is relieved to be on the other end of his “beautifully exhausting” and “deeply fulfilling” journey. He’ll be talking about the “An Apple a Day” project at an upcoming TEDX, and after that? No apples, he says. Pizza? Donuts? Kittens, perhaps? I’ll be following him on Instagram @kencarbone to find out.

…can’t ever get enough of NASA’s retro-future space travel posters. Following up on the success of last year’s Kepler “ads” by NASA’s own David Delgado and Dan Goods, this year they’ve commissioned another series of illustrations from Invisible Creature, a studio founded by two brothers whose grandfather also illustrated for NASA back in his day.

…not sure how the five cute brunettes in Benetton’s latest “Face of the City” campaign signal that a truly diverse world “is finally here and… even more beautiful than we imagined it to be,” even if the software that generated the racially blurred portraits sounds pretty cool.

…still don’t know what teams played in the Super Bowl last weekend or who won (clearly not a FOMO sufferer), but I let the internet show me the best ads that ran. Avocados in space was fun, and everyone loved those Heinz weiner dogs, but the baby who went for the Doritos gets my vote. Who can resist Nacho Cheesier?

…would deny Paris its 2024 Olympic bid based solely on the newly unveiled logo and debut video, complete with a super ‘90s callback trance beat.

…hope you’ll join me on April 15 at our annual Gala to celebrate the five 2016 AIGA Medalists: Corita Kent, Maira Kalman, Gere Kavanaugh, Ruth Ansel, and Ric Grefé. No Euro trance, promise.