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This week I…

…sate my appetite for all things Dada with images from the new book (and traveling exhibition) Dadaglobe Reconstructed, which took years of research and sleuthing in order to track down all the artwork from the heretofore unpublished Dadaglobe book.

…still don’t understand how artist Anish Kapoor is legally allowed to own Vantablack, a new blacker-than-black material that “essentially absorbs all light—99.965% of radiation, to be exact,” but he’s preventing any other artist from using it and it’s getting people (understandably) pretty pissed off.

…would rather draw like Quentin Blake, but writing like him isn’t a terrible second option.


…am all for accessible VR projects, just not ones that are spotted with grease stains and smell like the dregs of a deep fryer.

…send this video about all the ways graphic designers make movie magic to every designer I know who’s been griping to me about their day jobs. Guys, quit and do this instead:


…recover from my intense initial cringe over the name of the Do the Green Thing campaign, and then realize what a legitimately unique approach the program has to normalize sustainable behavior in Hollywood—and then the rest of the world.


…remain just as bewildered as most people by the 16-episode Instagram video interpretation of David Bowie’s ★ album that launched this week on InstaMiniSeries, but the 15-second episodes sure as hell put my InstaGIFs to shame.