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This week I…

…find a new way to procrastinate (as if I needed another) with Anthony Burill’s Archive of Collected Ephemera, a brilliant way to share all the great and weird bits of print the designer has been stashing away all these years. So far he’s scanned and catalogued 400 items with more inspiration for “fellow design geeks” to come. And yes, he’ll go beyond black, white, and yellow in the future with a new color-coded collection each month.

…consider myself just a little bit smarter after watching the short and snappy “Gender Bent” PSAs that (AIGA member-founded) creative studio AND/OR made for MTV to debunk myths like boys don’t cry (it was actually considered “manly” back in the day), girls are bad at math (ahem, women were the world’s first computer programmers), and the pink-and-blue color war (turns out all children pre-1940 wore frilly white outfits).

…leave it Dutch video-making masterminds Lernert & Sander to beautifully sum up the life of an office drone: you throw paperwork at your co-workers all day till you clock out and go home. Rinse. Repeat. Sigh.

…fully support the “let’s sleep on it approach” adopted by AMV BBDO’s chief creative officer and chairman Paul Brazier, who avows that scheduled brainstorming sessions are a complete waste of time. “Over the years, I’ve learned to have faith that my brain will come up with a solution, if I just get out of its way.” 

…wonder whether Frog’s decision not to replace chief creative officer Hans Neubert, who just moved to Huge, means that more design-led businesses will adopt a less hierarchical model—or will it send the Froggy ship off course? According to its CEO “it will foster more collaboration and connections among each of the designers across Frog’s studios, in turn delivering greater value for our global clients as we partner with them to advance the human experience.” Sounds like we’ll have to do a follow-up studio visit and find out.

…am still reeling from news of the death of visionary architect Zaha Hadid. I may not have always been the greatest supporter of her work, but as a former architecture magazine editor, where it seemed like every story we published was about something a man designed, Hadid was a larger-than-life figure who truly, as her fellow architect Lebbeus Woods puts it, “wrung the extraordinary from the mundane.”

…recover from Print magazine’s frightening April Fool’s Day announcement that it’s changing its name to Digital. Not funny, guys.

Print's April Fool's Day joke
Print‘s April Fool’s Day joke

…wonder if maybe you have any luck getting the TypeVoice app Ogilvy NY created for the Webby Awards to actually work. You’re supposed to be able type a word, say it into your computer’s microphone, and the font will change to reflect your speech patterns. Cool idea in theory…

TypeVoice, by Ogilvy NY
TypeVoice, by Ogilvy NY

…take a peek inside the home of London’s lord of letterpress Alan Kitching, an unassuming former alehouse with rooms that are “stacked” and “wedged” like his prints, and where Kitching teaches his famous experimental typography classes. If you’re in London later this month, check out A Life in Letterpress, the Kitching retrospective on at Somerset House as part of the annual graphic design festival, Pick Me Up.

…experience FOMO for maybe the first time ever, what with the Offset design festival returning to Dublin this weekend with a stellar lineup of speakers.


…feel as if I could have posed as the woman in the white hat gracing the cover of the new adventure-themed issue of Popshot, a biannual illustrated literary magazine. Since launching in 2009 they’ve worked with over 300 illustrators, but this is the first time the editors worked with animator (Christopher van Wilson) to bring Thomas Danthony’s cover art to life. I’ll be channeling these swept-away vibes into the weekend.