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This week I…

…suffer a mini bout of FOMO after seeing pics from Milan’s first Design Pride Parade during Salone del Mobile (a.k.a. Milan Design Week). Yes, that’s Maurizio Cattelan’s “Middle Finger” sculpture riding proudly atop a Mini with Gufram’s cacti pedaling behind.

…can at least rely on Site Unseen to come to the rescue with its always on-point picks from the various Milan satellite shows; see the editors’ two-part round up and prepare to experience some major furniture design envy.

…head to Paris to see the city through the eyes of one of my favorite young graphic designers, Leslie David (among others), who impressed me when I interviewed her back in 2010 for Print’s 20 under 30 award. I can’t think of a more stylish guide. Speaking to the city’s ornamental typographic and architectural style (well-documented by Louise Fili), David says, “I’m super interested in ornaments and patterns and architectural details, but I can’t really say that’s part of French graphic design. Things are so global now, I don’t think there is a Parisian style.”

…am buoyed by the efforts of three AIA chapters to put an end to exploitative design competitions, many of which dangerously toe the line of spec work, if they don’t step over it completely. That’s something graphic designers are only all too familiar with (see: our open letter to the Tokyo Olympics Committee), and even goes beyond competitions to “online platforms that ask graphic designers to submit their work for consideration by clients—and only pay if the work has been selected.”

…aim for somewhere between respectful and practical when handling my nicer art and design books, though I do stop short of using them as cutting boards, serving trays, or door stoppers as the makers of The Thing The Book: A Monument to the Book as Object suggest. The promo video (below) for the new title is clever, turning a potentially intimidating “book as an exhibit space” or “museum experience” into something hands-on, approachable, and dog-ear-able.

…cast my vote in this year’s Webby Awards in categories like Best Homepage, Best Art Direction, and Best Branded Editorial Experience (hat tip to underdog Teton Gravity Research, where AIGA member Olaus Linn leads the design team). And unlike that other impending election, there are actually loads of really exciting choices to vote for  here.