One of the perks of being the managing editor at AIGA is spending my mornings reading design stories and calling it “work.” But not everyone gets to (or wants to) peruse RSS feeds like it’s their job. Consider this a hit list (as well as a few things you may have missed) of the most interesting things I’ve and seen, read and watched this week. You can follow along every other day of the week on Instagram @AIGAdesign and on Twitter @AIGAdesign.

This week I…

…back Six Mile Pencils on Kickstarter. How long do regular pencils last? I have no idea, but these offer no less than, yes, six-miles-worth of writing and drawing (there’s a 10k version for those on the metric system). I’ll admit to my fair share of mechanicals, but I’m a big believer in real-deal wood and lead, and these beauts are made in one of England’s oldest remaining pencil manufacturers, to boot.

…reminisce about my high school art classes at Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles, and get bummed that I didn’t attend 40 years earlier so I could have fallen under the spell of Sister Corita Kent like so many Pandas before me (yes, that’s our mascot). Luckily, I can relive my lost youth next summer at the upcoming Kent exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Click the link to watch a charming video of full-grown Pandas reflecting on the inspirational art field trips to car washes and supermarkets Sister Corita took them on around L.A.

…find 11 more reasons to go back to art school and get even more out of it this time around, thanks to these actually helpful tips for current students from It’s Nice That .

…decide James Victore may just have the final word on the whole ‘work/life balance’ conundrum. In his latest episode of “Burning Questions,” he argues that to stay “hungry and horny” there’s really no way to do absolutely every project you want to and  stay sane. You either go crazy, or accept less.

…set my iPad on ice after hours of running MIKMA, a new program inspired by the Eames’ famous Powers of Ten film. If you think your camera phone gives great ‘gram now, just wait till you play with MIKMA’s (imperfect but nonetheless incredible) zoom and scale functions.

…brew a cup of pitch-black coffee and warm a slice of cherry pie as I wait with the upmost anticipation for the return of the best TV show ever created, a.k.a. “Twin Peaks.” Other fans are killing time by deliciously dissecting the bizarre slime-green title font.

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