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This week I…

…am beyond excited to see so many design friends make the annual Forbes 30 under 30 list of the brightest budding entrepreneurs, but, sorry, I can’t help but grumble over the fact that there’s no design category, meaning all “creatives”—photographers, artists, ceramicists, fashion bloggers, and designers of all stripes—get lumped into the catch-all “Art & Style.” Hey Forbes, if you need help launching a design category, I hereby volunteer as tribute judge. Seriously, call my bluff and sign me up.

…can’t say Forbes is alone in its oversight, though. The UK’s New Year’s Honours list snubbed designers, too. While some have argued that this is the fault of designers for not doing the kind of highly visible, large-scale, and socially impactful work that’s more likely to grab the attention of award givers, recognition has to start somewhere. At least It’s Nice That followed up its critique by doing its part to pick up the country’s slack with its 2016 Ones to Watch list of promising young creative talent, including designers, illustrators, art directors, animators, photographers, and magazine editors.


…bookmark all 13 visual communication designers chosen by Wallpaper* in its annual roundup of the best of the best (the hits, they keep on coming). The group, which includes several personal faves, ranges from highly tactile, ink-and-paper illustrators to 3D vector-loving fools and everything in between.

…succumb to this bit of clickbait, which I’m guessing you will, too, because who doesn’t want to know what fonts would look like if they were people?

…vote for my favorite album covers from Art Vinyl’s shortlist of the 50 best album covers. I’d proudly display any of these by my record player (and, yes, spin them, too).

…think there’s a lot that designers can learn from the dangerous levels of snark plaguing the contemporary art scene.

…am not qualified for any of the somewhat surprising design jobs of the future. Chief drone experience designer? Cybernetic director? Sim designer? Unless playing The Sims for hundreds of hours in high school counts.

…do not salivate over the new tech debuts at CES, but I’m inexplicably excited about Kodak and Yves Béhar teaming up to give Super 8 some love. Shooting home movies on you iPhone just got real lame.

designed by Yves Béhar and Fuseproject for Kodak

…sort of cringe at the expectation to make grand, life-changing New Year’s resolutions, but I found this one I think I can easily keep: resolve to stop being perfect. Okay, done.