XY, by Studio Parr

Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, we bring you a printing innovation that makes each wine label totally unique; a slick design inspired by “when Australian wine takes an Italian lover”; cute apple sake branding; and an illustration of a moose on a bicycle.

Cid, by lg2 

You might have noticed that we’re rather fond of animals over here in Happy Hour corner, so imagine our delight at spotting a moose on a little bicycle and a suited frog riding a makeshift hot air balloon. These critters are born from the hands of Montreal studio lg2 for a “craft beer-inspired” line of ciders, Cid. Each variant uses one of four illustrations featuring a different animal and an apple, which the agency says is a tribute to the brand’s “boldness” while also speaking to a younger audience.

Sofi, by Squad Ink

When Australian wine takes an Italian lover” is how Australian agency Squad Ink describes Sofi, the spritz cocktail it created a rather lovely and suitably sophisticated visual identity for. Sofi is inspired by classic Italian summery Veneto and Hugo drinks, and made from South Australian riesling wine, soda and fruit flavours including blood orange, lemon and elderflower. The bottles take the form of “a convenient 250ml piccolo.”

“Italian spritz cocktails are timeless classics so we approached the packaging in the same way by drawing inspiration from classic, Italian soda brands,” says Squad Ink. “We then added a contemporary twist that is clean, crisp and refreshing, much like the flavours of these little beauties.”

XY, by Studio Parr 

Here’s a very clever wine design indeed: no two labels across its entire range will ever be the same. The labelling was created using Multi-Color England label printers’ technology that uses an algorithm to make every single one of its abstract, painterly, and bold designs unique. “The creative response was to highlight the infinite possibilities on the same print run creating a series of 1,000 original abstract images,” says Studio Parr. “Traditional printing inks were used to create the images, to help juxtapose the link with digital technology, no two images are the same.

“The bottle labels were accompanied with a bespoke brochure and die-cut sleeve cover to act as a direct mail piece targeted directly at customers, featuring each individual’s name on the labels.” 

Kinoene Apple sake, by tegusu Inc.

Japanese agency tegusu has created these lovely, minimal designs for Kinoene Apple sake. The designs aim to convey the nature of the drink as something “that you can drink casually,” as well as expanding the demographic of drinkers and specifically targeting young females.

“We designed apple-shaped bottle neckers that increase product recognition,” tegusu explains. “The product characteristics are printed on the reverse side. We used large-size Kanji letters for the brand name so that the product can maintain a Japanese sake-like appearance. The shapes of the letters are designed to be sharp and modern, and that differentiates this sake from conventional Japanese sake. Also we made the label narrow with a soft, round edge, that creates a light impression.”