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This week I…

…lust after the fourth edition of The Great Discontentwhich features lengthy profiles with some of my favorite creative types, including Malika Favre, Gemma O’Brien, Roanne Adams, and of course, cover star Leon Bridges (I’ve actually not listened to his music, but he’s handsome, and the cover star, so I assume it’s on point). This issue looks at the theme of ambition, which, going by the extraordinary successes of the people profiled within, is something they all have in bundles.

The Great Discontent Issue 4
The Great Discontent Issue 4

…kick myself for missing the second installment of ShortBox, the quarterly international comics box from the brilliant minds that once produced Comics & Cola. If you’re the kind of erudite individual that loves nothing more than to consume graphic literature with abandon, then this is the service for you; four times a year beautiful things will be sent to your door from some of the finest minds in comics, and what could be better than that?

…buy my first whoopee cushion in two decades, because it has Trump’s face printed on it, and that’s the kind of snappy political humor I can get behind.

Freddy Taylor + Mr Bingo, Trump Cushion

…revel in these stunning shots of Pitchfork music festival which, because I live in the UK, I never get to go to. Kudos to Matt Leif Anderson for taking me there in spirit, you sweet prince of festival photography.

…fanboy over London-based illustrator Jack Sachs’ Instagram feed because it’s packed full of little gems like this:

A video posted by Jack Sachs (@jacksachs) on

…wonder at the wisdom of Ed Ruscha’s latest collaboration with Stella McCartney and Harley Weir. In isolation these are three titans of their respective industries, but seeing Boy Scout Modern plastered over an actual ad campaign kind of kills Ruscha’s mystique for me, particularly when it comes paired with these, ahem, interesting films. How about you?

Ed Ruscha + Harley Weir for Stella McCartney
Ed Ruscha + Harley Weir for Stella McCartney

…go deep into typography thanks to Fred Birdsall’s discussion of Monotype Grotesque on Grafik. I particularly enjoy the micro focus on lost ligatures that are crying out to be resurrected. This is like the dark web for typophiles.

…try to plan an animation project that would allow me to use Boords, Animade’s superb new storyboarding app, then realize I have way too short an attention span to do an…

Until next week!