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This week I…

…treat myself to 30 minutes immersed in the world of illustrator Jean Jullien, thanks to this excellent feature on The Great Discontent. I’ve loved Jean’s work for years, heck I’ve even met the guy, but this still managed to throw up some choice bits of trivia that no hardcore fan of the ingenious Frenchman should be without. That, and the exciting news that he’s now a dad. Congrats Jean!

Nail Art History

…dig out Nail Art History, an amazing site by Susi Kenna that I’d completely forgotten about until Monday morning. Why it springs to mind again? Can’t say, although my own raggedy hands could do with some love. Susi turns the work of famous artists and designers into nail art, which are then hand painted by Mei Kawajiri. Wondering what a full set of Yayoi Kusama shellacs might look like? Wonder no more.

One out of a few drawings drawn for Amex @americanexpress

A photo posted by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (@jvdnieuwendijk) on

…am very, very much digging Dutch illustrator Jordy van den Nieuwendijk’s new drawings for American Express, in which he turns the ubiquitous card into the centerpiece of a chaotic vignette.

…get to know the Melbourne animation studio behind the excellent Papermeal (thank you Wallpaper*), a project that turns simple dishes into surreal pieces of stop-motion animation. Think fish suppers made entirely on your desktop, and banana splits just the way you like them: straight from a vending machine. The recipes might not be up to much, but those animations are spot on.

…gently trip out over Max Amato’s new TickTock Watch, an Apple TV app that brings together a variety of unique visual representations of the passage of time. Amato, a Brooklyn-based designer, collected Nixon and Nooka watches as a kid, and has always been fascinated by different modes of timekeeping. Now he’s turned that childhood interest into 12 unique graphic visualizations for you to proudly display at home—or at work if you’re happy to schedule meetings at “Stay Woke” or “Bagels.” I know I am.

Love + Rockets
Love + Rockets

…get jazzed about the return of Love and Rockets in 2016. The seminal comic was previously slated to return in July to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Now it looks like September 28 is the date for your diaries, unless you’d like to miss out on the comic event of 2016?

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