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This week I….

…contemplate the decay of my own dead body thanks to a brilliant artwork at the inaugural Estuary Festival. With various installations, talks and events across the Essex and Kent estuary, the festival runs for 16 days. For me its highlight was certainly its goriest piece; the aforementioned Waterborne by French & Mottershead. The immersive audio piece describes in forensic detail the process of “your” body’s gradual decay in water, having first driven you out into the water on a dilapidated old boat. It’s both terrifying and strangely relaxing.

Björk Digital

…have a little cry over how beautiful and wonderful Björk is as I finally make it down to Björk Digital at Somerset House. The show mixes four VR films, instruments, a cinema room where I’d happily spend an entire day and a few apps thrown in for good measure. It’s stunning and powerful stuff, especially the moment where a huge dotty Björk-like figure begins to expand around you and you feel sort of claustrophobic and comforted all at once. The show is on until October 23 2016.

Sarah Lippett: Stan and Nan

…discover a new graphic design and illustration podcast in the shape of Graphic Wieners, of which an entire episode is devoted to the marvellous illustrator Sarah Lippett and her charming graphic novel Stan and Nan.

…trot over to west London to marvel at the illustrations Andrzej Klimowski created for ludicrously English writer P.G. Wodehouse. Klimowski created works for the Everyman Wodehouse series, making 95 images in total, and now for London Design Festival has made an installation alongside a display of print works that celebrate Wodehouse’s work as a “uniquely English period environment for this exhibition—an England that probably never truly existed, but which we fondly remember.”

…try to recover from a suitably raucous Fat White Family gig by watching their videos on repeat. Like the band and their songs, the aesthetic is at once intensely sexual and joyfully disgusting, mixing intense stares, raw meat, hedonism and wry humour. Many are directed by Lou Smith, and 2013’s Cream of the Young film exemplifies their propensity to titillate and disgust simultaneously, featuring artwork and direction by Robert Rubbish.

 remember the legacy of animator C. Martin Croker, who passed away over the weekend. He worked as animator and voice actor on Adult Swim’s series Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which the channel has made available in its entirety. Look out for cameos from the likes of Pavement, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, and Jim Jarmusch.

… take a trip with Wired magazine’s informative and in-depth article about the Silicon Valley crowd microdosing LSD and other psychedelics in a bid to improve their work performance. There’s been a lot of features on this recently, but Wired’s piece seems to be the perfect mix of science and anecdotal chit chat on the subject I’ve seen so far.