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This week I…

…prepare for a dose of anxiety and ennui at the launch of Anna Haifisch’s superbly cynical new comic The Artist. Published by Breakdown Press, the book deals with the daily struggles of life as a young creative spirit. Plagued with self-doubt, the artist navigates his way through an endless series of excruciating experiences in the hopes of furthering his career; dinner with art world luminaries, experimenting with rap, revisiting childhood memories, and going wild with rage navigating the creative competition of social media. It’s gut-wrenching stuff—hopefully there’ll be some stiff drinks on hand to dampen the anguish.


…am relieved to discover that for those of you unable to join us down in Vegas for this year’s AIGA Design Conference, there’s a wealth of other great events happening in cities near you to sate your hunger for design. First up, a series of talks and discussions hosted by Steven Watson and the Stack Magazines team that seek to illuminate NYC’s independent mag scene. Over three nights from September 18–20, Steve will be meeting the teams behind American Chordata, Victory Journal, Put A Egg On It, Cherry Bombe, Gather Journal, and Lucky Peach—a pretty all-star line-up if you ask me.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Jeremy Leslie and the Magculture team will be hosting the fourth annual Modern Magazine conference, with speakers including ZEIT Magazin’s Christoph Amend, Gail Bichler of The New York Times Magazine, The Gentlewoman’s Penny Martin, and Empire’s Terri White. Magalicious!

…high five the teams at The One Club and ADC, who’ve decided to join together as one big, happy family, “to stand for something more than just niche awards.” The One Show, ADC Annual Awards, Young Guns and both organizations’ Halls of Fame will all come together under The One Club for Creativity, diversifying and expanding the remit of each. For members it seems the offering will beef up too; “We’re all going to share our programming and our legacy and all of our activities,” said ADC’s Philippe Meunier, “so now if you’re a member of The One Club or ADC, you get way more for your membership and more access to the industry and more programming and education.”


pre-order the heck out of the new issue of Mushpit, the magazine that sticks all fingers up to prescribed standards of magazine-making, the patriarchy, various governments, and anyone else whose attitude they think stinks. “THE CRISIS ISSUE IS HERE,” they say. “IT’S FUCKING MASSIVE 164 PAGES LONG & AD-FREE CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH TIME IT’S TAKEN?” They make such a compelling case, so can you really afford not to indulge?

…soundtrack my week with organic sounds thanks to colleague and pal Emily Gosling, who sent me Mort Garson’s Plantasia, a 1976 album that riffs on the magic of plants. If you’re similarly struck by the majesty of sprouting seeds making a dash for the last sunlight of summer, then this one’s for you too.

…say a fond farewell to my old friend Gymclass, who’s shutting up shop after 15 issues to go and focus on another project. What exactly Gymclass is has always been a little ambiguous, evolving from an alternative men’s title into a carefully-considered“magazine about magazines” that regularly punched above its weight in terms of the scale and ambition of editorial, and the big design names interviewed within its pages. What mag lovers will do without it is hard to say, but I can’t wait to see what the new venture will be.

…blow some hard-earned cash on this selection of graphic tees by Good Day Club, featuring contributions from Clay Hickson, Adam Higton, Jordan Jackson, Dominic Kesterson and Lynnie Zulu. Join me!

Ok, bye!