Interbrand, Juventus logo

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This week I…

…wonder what exactly it means to go “beyond football”—we’re talking soccer here, guys—having read up on Juventus’ classy new logo. As one of the most respected and revered (not to mention despised) teams in international soccer, it seems only right that they should be blazing a trail in the world of design too. The Italian team is the first to really embrace the idea of soccer team as brand, applying the new identity to a staggeringly diverse range of merchandise—Juventus skis anyone? But what that means in terms of a new business strategy and diversification is anyone’s guess. Right now its Interbrand-designed logo certainly seems to have the contemporary edge over the traditional soccer badges to which the industry is accustomed, but whether it really brings “the illustrious legacy and spirit of one of Italy’s preeminent teams to new audiences and die-hard fans alike,” remains to be seen.

…vibe out to this looping video of a banana peeling itself, by Playground Paris. I defy anyone to watch this fewer than 15 times—in fact I’d be amazed if it doesn’t distract you from work for most of the afternoon. Feel that stress melt away.

…confess I had no idea that there was really a Northern aesthetic in England, although a new exhibition in Liverpool tells me otherwise. North: Identity, Photography, Fashion, has just launched at Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool (that’s in the north of England, since you ask) and explores the everyday aesthetics that have embedded themselves in popular culture. Naturally it features some ground-breaking design in the form of Peter Saville’s legendary sleeves for New Order, and examples of how the region has inspired collections by Raf Simons. And if fashion is really your thing, there’s an abundance of outfits from the heydays of Madchester, right up until now.

…get jazzed by all the facts and figures on MailChimp’s annual report. STOP! Don’t turn away from your screens just yet, it’s not as dull as it sounds. Everyone’s favorite newsletter guys have put together a compellingly illustrated guide to their year in numbers, which includes, 21 grumpy felines wearing cat hats, and no fewer that 950 water balloons thrown at their annual intern water balloon fight. There’s other stats too, of course, but those were some of my favorites.

…tuck in to Somesuch Stories vol. 2, the second (clearly) print version of Somesuch and Co’s superbly curated website. Their online platform offers writers the chance to flex their editorial muscles, pitching interesting essays, short stories and interviews based around occasional themes. The quality is always high—even more so in the print edition, which has been meticulously edited by the excellent Suze Olbrich.

…immerse myself in nostalgia for my misspent childhood, glued for countless hours to Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Both were created by Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who sat down with Vox this week to discuss how he changed the world for millions of kids like me. 100% Hero.