Comic Sans, image courtesy of The Guardian

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Poor old Comic Sans: it’s the typeface everyone loves to hate. But as its creators point out, “I couldn’t believe people could get so worked up about a font.” The Guardian spoke to typographer Vincent Connare about designing the cute little thing, and there are some pretty surprising revelations. Turns out it was inspired by graphic novels Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.You sure, Vince? Are you really, really sure?

Pentagram partner Michael Bierut has been busy lately, creating a new brand identity for Syracuse University, and in doing so unearthing a rather interesting discovery. Turns out the school’s archives were harboring “a forgotten typeface” designed by none other than Frederic Goudy. The story of this happy find is told in the distinctly Wes Anderson-esque short film by Dress Code, but the long and short of it all is that Pentagram went about commissioning type foundry Village to redraw the typeface, Sherman, including a sans serif version, which is being used for the new identity. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

David Rudnick, Culinary Cosmetics designs for Isamaya Ffrench x Bistrotheque

There’s a somewhat dystopian vibe to David Rudnick’s new work. His series of designs for “culinary cosmetics” take inspiration from the clinical packaging of French pharmaceutical brands, but are actually edible treats, albeit ones with slightly misleading monikers: Scallop Mousse Compact, Celeriac Face Scrub, (Bot)Ox Cheek, Make Up Sponge Cake, and Candy Ball Pills. The designs were used as part of the “immersive” Isamaya Ffrench x Bistrotheque dinner in Hong Kong hosted by QIC GRE during Art Basel. We’re not quite sure what a non-immersive dinner would be like (hungry, probably) but there we go, cool project nonetheless.

Luca Paulli Ugrow gif (still)

It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips since the dawn of time: what would you do if you had extendable arms? Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but a very cute series of GIFs by Luca Paulli of Picasso Pictures has certainly gotten us examining our boring, normal-length limbs. The GIFs were created for a campaign for “a fake pill called Ugrow. Simply put it is a pill that, when taken, enables an individual’s arms to extend to unbelievable lengths. Leading to unbelievable situations.” Italian-born, London-based Paulli made the work to explore “a new style… that was different from my previous work,” he says. “I have a lot more ideas and I will release them regularly on social media. I want to start a conversation with people and see what they would do and maybe make some of their suggestions.” You can see all the GIFs on the Ugrow website.

An adorable and surreal new zine from Hamburg-based artist Stefan Marx, Dry Cleaning, has just been published by Nieves. We’re not 100% sure what’s going on in it if we’re totally honest, but that enduringly fabulous millennial pink, his fantastically louche line-work and those wonderful dogs have suckered us right into it all. When he’s not drawing lovely things like this, Marx runs a T-shirt label called The Lousy Livincompany as a platform for his drawings to be popped onto people’s chests.