One of the perks of being the managing editor at AIGA is spending my mornings reading design stories and calling it “work.” But not everyone gets to (or wants to) peruse RSS feeds like it’s their job. Consider this a hit list (as well as a few things you may have missed) of the most interesting things I’ve and seen, read, and watched this week. You can follow along every other day on Instagram @AIGAdesign and on Twitter @AIGAdesign.

This week I…

…push past the slog of top 10 year-end roundups. Thank god this blog is too young to warrant the obligatory annual list making, but there’s got to be a better way to celebrate a year of editorial besides gathering up some posts and ranking them in order of popularity. Like maybe just publishing more great posts? That’s what we decided to do, so in case you tuned out last week, don’t miss:

(Okay, now onto our regular programming.)

…find another reason to celebrate on January 1, which, aside from being the start of the new year is also Public Domain Day, when the work of famous artists, writers, and creatives is officially old enough to enter the public domain—in pretty much every country except ours. Americans have to wait till 2019 to run amok with anything by Flannery O’Connor, Piet Mondrian, Edvard Munch, or Wassily Kandinsky (above: “Composition VIII,” 1923).

…experience my beloved New York City in a whole new way by listening to it in 3D, thanks to the Sound City Project, which records and maps cities so we can explore them with our ears. It’s seriously wonderful. Give your Taylor Swift download a break and tune into “Central Park Sheep Meadow.”

…use my time spent in-flight over the holidays to catch up on a few choice podcasts, including Debbie Millman’s excellent interview with Liz Danzico, who thought she was a writer before she realized she was really a designer (and all the twists and turns her career path took before she finally got there).

…join the likes of lexicographer Erin McKean, who used her TEDYouth Talk to urge people to make up new words when what we find in the dictionary simply won’t do. (Danzico is also a fan, btw. See: “Bobulate.”)

…strike the phrase “work-life balance” from my vocabulary and substitute it with “leisurely work,” which is the way we actually get our best work done, according to Brother David Steindl-Rast’s new book. Maria Popova breaks it down to the essentials.

…make some serious New Year’s resolutions after scoring off the charts in these stress tests. If you’re not the resolution-making type, you might start with the Harvard Business Review’s list of 19 things you should just stop doing once and for all, like sitting, brainstorming, being authentic, and trying to be perfect.