One of the perks of being the managing editor at AIGA is spending my mornings reading design stories and calling it “work.” But not everyone gets to (or wants to) peruse RSS feeds like it’s their job. Consider this a hit list (as well as a few things you may have missed) of the most interesting things I’ve and seen, read, and watched this week. You can follow along every other day on Instagram @AIGAdesign and on Twitter @AIGAdesign.

This week I…

…am legitimately excited that Monotype shelled out $27 million for emoji startup Swyft, not because the 125-year-old foundry wants to start printing with them or anything, but because the technology that makes it possible for you to express yourself with a mini plate of flan or a smiling pile of feces will also enable Monotype to introduce custom typefaces to your texts.

…can’t believe no one thought of this great visual pun before: severed thumb drives (above).


…shield my eyes from the “loud” and “dizzying” new look Bloomberg Business is sporting. Kidding. No matter how a major site approaches a redesign, you know someone’s gonna hate on it, and of course this week an endless stream of unbidden internet commentators dutifully tweeted their love for the old site (really?) and ranted about how this newfangled one by Code and Theory looks like “Instagram filters on acid.” I assume they’re referring to the fact that it makes use of this nifty design tool called color?

…jot down these wise words by designer (and AIGA Medalist) Charles S. Anderson, who Print just announced will be one of six judges for their Regional Design Annual: The key to good design is a heaping dose of give a shit topped off by hard work, skill, and craft, with a dollop of humor and a sprinkle of compassion and humility. (Talent is also helpful.)”


…think that $8,800 is a tad on the pricey side for a beanbag chair, but kudos to Alexander Wang for managing to elevate the Silicon Valley startup furniture cliché, even if it is to a level no one can afford.


…practice my best meh face and await judgement by the book cover of the Art Directors Club Netherlands annual, which is embedded with a facial recognition camera that reads your expression and opens only if it’s neutral.

…file this as my plea for an invite to TED so I can hear talks by the (unsurprisingly) incredible lineup of speakers, like artists Marina Abramovic and Dustin Yellin, mathematician Jason Padgett, neuroscientist David Eagleman, everyone in the Pop-Up Magazine session, and 2015 TED Prize winner and StoryCorps founder Dave Isay. And of course Roman Mars, though I’m looking forward catching him all day, everyday as the moderator of AIGA’s Design Conference in October, which you should totally come to, by the way.

…finally have something in common with football fans, who also loved the Snickers commercials that aired on Superbowl Sunday—which took home the very first Super Clio award for the best ad to air on game day. (Personal runner-up goes to the #BestBuds commercial, which I later discovered was the cause of my husband’s seemingly random act of tearing up. Seriously babe, Clydesdales and puppies?)

by Alex Pushilin
by Alex Pushilin

…wish a very happy 10th birthday to “Design Matters with Debbie Millman,” the world’s very first (and dare I say best?) podcast about design. This weekend I’ll be celebrating by catching up on past episodes I didn’t realize I missed. (So much for bragging about my listened-to-them-all track record.) Keep ‘em coming, Deb. We’re listening.