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This week I…

…eagerly anticipate the design elements for the new Tate Modern building by Herzog & de Meuron, set to open later this month. Expect lots of de rigeur touchscreens and “engaging” wayfinding digital apps, but also visuals by Peter Saville and “typographic material” by North Design.

…sadly sigh/nod in agreement with Dezeen editor Alan Brake’s summing up of the mediocre state of the NYC design scene—at least as far as the recent NYC x Design showing. And right as another media outlet declares it mecca! But IMHO (and history proves it so) it’s really just the lull, the moment of copycat design calm before the next big storm.

…want more interactive online art work like this, please: Puff Up Club, by Amstersdam interactive design studio Moniker, relies on the simultaneous effort of multiple site visitors in order to blow up the balloon till it pops. The video feed is live, so every puff really counts.

…will never fall for another restaurant’s tricky typographic menu ploys designed to persuade me to overpay for a meal just ’cuz I’m on date, or that $50 is a reasonable price for a steak simply by removing the dollar sign attached to the numeral. Get smart with this illustrated guide to restaurant menus.


…still can’t read the music the Toronto Symphony Orchestra is playing, no matter how fancy their graphic design is. Maybe its music and its use of morse code-like symbols is just too sophisticated for me?

…discover a wonderfully bizarre use for all the gluten-rich bread products I can’t eat. Yes, I realize @breadfaceblog isn’t brand new, but it’s new to me, okay?