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No. 219: Slick Satirical Designs for Budapest Gallery Week, Design in Dubai, Sartorial Biscuits + More

Happy Friday! November is here, and we are certainly feeling a chill in the air. So warm your cockles with our weekly Design Diary, bringing together five projects that caught our eye this week.

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Fanny Pápay, Gallery Week Budapest campaign

Budapest-based designer Fanny Pápay has created some lovely work for the Gallery Weekend in her native Hungarian city. The concept for the campaign was “based on caricatures of modern art in the post war era” published in the Eastern part of the Iron Curtain which mocked what some viewed as the “snobbishness” of abstraction. “As sarcastic commentary on the ‘What is modern/contemporary art’ question, the GWB campaign answered with a combination of pseudo contemporary art installations,” explains Pápay, who worked with photographer Dávid Biró on the project. The posters include “funny Messenger dialogues” written by Gábor Rieder, which aim to “contextualize the fragile situation of the real contemporary art works exhibited in the participant galleries of the GWB,” she adds.

Fanny Pápay, designs for Gallery Week Budapest
Fanny Pápay, designs for Gallery Week Budapest

Slanted #32—Dubai

Globetrotters rejoice: the new issue of Slanted Publishers’ latest, Slanted #32—Dubai, is here. As the name suggests, this time round, the editors are focusing on the contemporary design scene of Dubai, “a city—when described by many people—that is all sickening shine and has no soul,” as the mag puts it. “But Dubai and the whole region, originally a piece of desert sparsely populated by Bedouins, is now transforming itself rapidly into a center, if not the world’s greatest center, of trade, finance, and tourism…” Among the illustrators, photographers, writers, and interviewees of this issue are Dr. Nadine Chahine, Noor Eid, Fikra Design Studio, Nan Goggin, and loads and loads more.

Offf Sevilla

With design festival Offf Barcelona organizers have just announced a new stop on its tour: Seville. Offf Sevilla takes place from December 6-9 and boasts a lineup including The Mill, Joshua Davis, Joëlle Snaith, Musketon, Malika Favre, Steve Simpson, Paloma Rincón, Vasava, Hey Studio, and Cocolia. “The campaign and titles are being developed by a bunch of local artists, working together to highlight the connections of the Andalusian creative scene,” the Offf team explains.

Smith&+Village, Harvey Nichols biscuit range

Smith&+Village has created new designs for the food collection from swanky department store Harvey Nichols. The agency reckons the new look “brings the zeitgeist of fashion back to food,” and this is the first redesign of the brand’s private-label food packaging since 1994. “The original identity for the Harvey Nichols food collection captured the Ab Fab glamour of the 1990s,” says Smith&+Village director Richard Village. Creative director Debrah Smith adds: “The design of the physical packaging has been extremely important in this project… it is led and inspired by fashion to delight the target audience—pull-out biscuit packaging that is closer to a sunglasses case than a pack of biscuits; airtight tins to keep biscuits fresh for longer with colors inspired by lipstick shades and shiny, elegant refillable tea tins.” 

Smith&+Village, Harvey Nichols biscuit range

New designs for Dieline, by Jones Knowles Richie

Design agency Jones Knowles Richie (JKR) has created a new look for the packaging and branding site Dieline inspired by the creative process involved in package design, “from concept and raw ideas, to the finished product and the future,” says the agency. The new bespoke typography was created by Letters From Sweden, and the identity is being rolled out across all Dieline web and social channels, award and conference collateral, and merchandising.

NotAMuse, the book

We’ve been following the work of NotAMuse from Germany for the past year, and are eagerly anticipating its first book release. NotAMuse is a collective of three female designers who are focused on addressing the visibility of women in graphic design through interviews and events. While there are many women working in the field, its a well-known fact that at conferences and in a lot of design press, white male practitioners still dominate the field and discourse. The NotAMuse platform interviews women designers, historians, and sociologists about various issues in the industry. From a year of extensive research, NotAMuse is now releasing its first book, notamuse: A New Perspective on Women Graphic Designers in Europe, which showcases the work of more than 50 women designers across Europe, such as Isabel Seiffert (Offshore Studio), Tereza Ruler (The Rodina), Caterina Bianchini, and many more. At 420 pages, this impressive tome is one not to be missed. Be sure to grab a copy yourself by backing the NoteAMuse kickstarter. 

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