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This week I…

…can only assume that the latest research from Eye on Design favorite Sarah Hyndman, who surveyed people on what fonts make certain words most believable—in this case “democracy,” “freedom,” “liberty,” “equality,” “independent,” and “truthful”—means that while our humble blog might evoke a sense of equality, it’s not inspiring trust, let alone independent or liberal values. Any tips on a typeface that’s “old-fashioned” and “rooted in tradition” yet also “flowing,” “neutral,” and “generous?”

…have to hand it to Fontsmith for going way beyond the typical type specimens used by foundries to show new fonts to their best advantage with its A-Z of type terms, a comprehensive set of 80 nitty gritty words to know—from anti-aliasing to x-height—set in the oh-so-approachable FS Aldrin.


…take notes on how British designers are responding to Brexit—whether via Instagram or official talks with the Creative Industries Federation—as America’s own creative community should probably prepare a plan B of its own depending on how things go down in November.

…console my burnt out designer friends with this (comforting?) stat: graphic design is only 24.3% likely to make you want to kill yourself. If that sounds high, consider that architects and engineers are markedly more suicidal, not to be outdone by farmers, fishers, and those working in forestry, who should be generally kept away from bridges, sleeping pills, and long coils of rope. The least likely? Teachers.

…bid designers to take a page from Dark Igloo’s book, namely the design studio’s new holographic identity for Giphy (a.k.a. the site your browser’s homepage is actually set to even though you tell everyone it’s the New York Times), and reconsider the power of lenticular printing to “melt your face off.”

Giphy logo by Dark Igloo
Giphy logo by Dark Igloo

…rekindle my design crush on Charlotte Perriand after learning that she once turned her apartment into a bar—and then designed all the lovely tubular steel furniture in it. #lifegoals

…resist over-calculating the arc of the stories I write (in my non-Eye on Design life) now that a small team of data mining masterminds have pored through thousands of well-read books to find the six most popular storylines of all time, even pinpointing reader preferences to two in particular: “stories involving two sequential man-in-hole arcs and a Cinderella arc followed by a tragedy.” Next stop, Best Sellers list.

…get the weather report from designer Anton Repponen, whose “Misplaced” photo series of New York City buildings transplanted in desert landscapes is pretty spot on for what a week of 90-degree days feels like here—minus the sweaty swarms of people.

…quickly cool off with the perfect antidote, bird’s eye pics of pools, from a seasonally appropriate new series by aerial photographer Stephan Zirwes.