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Eye-popping Whiskey, Trippy Wine Labels, and Beer that Doubles as a Design Stunt

Stuck inside with nowhere to go? Good. We’re hunkered down, too, with a glass of something in hand and some pretty labels to stare at. Read on for your monthly dose of booze branding—and get some inspiration for building up that bar cart you’ve become so well acquainted with this month.

Caserne: Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co

This line of semi-fictional beers created by Montreal design studio Caserne is our favorite kind of design stunt. The studio brewed a limited run of beers for a one-night-only party and developed a full-fledged identity to go with it, naturally. The cans feature a white, orange, and black color palette that centers around a funky serif typeface developed by foundry Coppers and Brasses. The typeface is marked by its “diabolic terminals” and “drunky alternates”—perfect descriptors for a boozy branding project.

Marçal Prats: Casa Cardona Wines

Part op art, part wine label, this new line of wines from Casa Cardona will have little trouble grabbing your attention in the wine aisle. Designer Marçal Prats drew inspiration from 1960s op art pioneers like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely for the labels, which feature the display font Fivo Sans Modern as well as portraits of the winery’s founders that have been obscured by an almost dizzying optical illusion.

Hired Guns Creative: Driftwood Eccentricity Wheat Wine

A minimalist beer label this is not. When designing the label for Driftwood’s new beer, Canadian design studio Hired Guns Creative went in the exact opposite direction. Drawing on the idea of an aged bottle of beer as a “time capsule to send to your future self,” the designers aimed to create a label that played with the concept of time. The label features an illustrated map of the cosmos with a custom typeface that’s meant to look like constellations. Dotted with gold ink, swirling patterns, and a bright turquoise wax dip to top it off, the label might just make for the showiest bottle in your cellar.

Stranger and Stranger: Howler Head Banana Whiskey

The unorthodox whiskey flavor from Howler Head distillery was met with an equally attention grabbing label designed by Stranger & Stranger. The label’s ornate pattern is the backdrop for a highlighter yellow illustration featuring a monkey with sunglasses on. The designers gave the ink a distressed look, as if the bottle has been excavated from a dark cellar after years of light wear and tear. The design isn’t quiet—you can’t miss the fire engine red label with bright yellow ink—but would you expect anything different from a whiskey that’s been infused with bananas?

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