Redchurch Brewery

Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, EDM-inspired vodka designed on the dance floor, a beer that thinks it’s a newspaper, some spooky wine labels + more.

Redchurch Brewery, by Bibliothèque

Just down the road from my east London flat, there’s a little brewery churning out not only delicious beers, but ones with some exceptional typography to boot. The identity was created by the ever wonderful Bibliothèque, which is also behind branding for the likes of the Design Council. The brewery in question is Redchurch Brewery, which boasts a core range including Hoxton Stout, Shoreditch Blonde, Brick Lane Lager, and Paradise Pale Ale. The label designs are simple, yet in traditional marketing parlance, also so very effective. Each variant uses a different color band over the brewery’s signature red and white, rendered in what might just be my new favorite typeface, a customized cut of Separat. 

Boon Vodka, by Ital/c

Sometimes when I’m getting totally off my mash and sweaty to glow stick-clad commercial electronic music I think to myself between turns, “if only there were a vodka to better enhance my experience.” Finally my prayers have been answered, and I’ve got L.A.-based agency Ital/c to thank. We’ve heard of designers coming up with ideas over idle pub chat before, but this is the first time we’ve heard tell that a branding system was “conceived in the clubs and the EDM party scene,” as Ital/c describes the birth of its new Boon Vodka.

According to the agency, the new beverage “represents modern, youthful spirit, elegant mischief, and energetic good times.” It adds, “music is at the heart of the brand. With that in mind, our approach to the branding and packaging was to design something bold, sophisticated—but most importantly, fresh and provocative… To stand out on the shelf and appeal to a younger demographic, we designed a sleek, modern, matte black canister with silkscreened white sound wave lines wrapping all around.”

Alchemy Wines, by Zárate-Insa

Marrying two of our favorite things—red wine and the films of Italian horror master Dario Argento—this label design by Argentinian agency Zárate-Insa certainly caught our eye, and then spooked us out a bit. The studio has created a new label for Alchemy Wines’ Red Blend variant, which it describes as “the result of a profound spiritual communion between nature in the vineyards and the enigmatic work in Alchimia de los Andes winery.” Echoing this apparently supernatural genesis, the designs use an image of an eerie, hooded figure, with a rather intriguing backstory. “On a full moon night, the winemaker of Alchimia de los Andes fell in a trance,” agency founders Matías Insa and Guillermo Zárate explain. “After wandering around the vineyards for hours, trying to find the essence of his wine, he went back to his bedchambers and created this legendary blend. This present label is the only record of what could have happened that night…”

Yesterday’s Headlines for Braxton Brewing Co., by Durham Brand & Co.

Read awl abaad it! Read awl abaad it! We’ve got a right ol’ scoop for ya here—this newsprint-inspired branding system by Durham Brand & Co. for Braxton Brewing Co. Naturally the designs are inspired by the name of the beer—Yesterday’s Headlines—so a scratchy, inky texture is used across the type-led labels with the colors of black, white, and red all over. The beer itself, a cherry kettle-soured ale, is befitting of the palette. Durham Brand & Co. explains that the “authenticity” of the designs are the result of using vintage wood block type, which was hand stamped and scanned to create the final images.