Every Friday we raise a glass to celebrate some of the best new boozy bottles to hit store shelves. This week, badger-based beer, rum bottles made from discarded Cola wrappers, a treat for gentlemen, and more.

Wild Island Botanical Gin, by Thirst Craft

Some lovely work here from Glasgow-based agency Thirst Craft, which has designed the packaging for Wild Island Gin, a spirit made from botanicals sourced from a small island on the outer reaches of Scotland called Colonsay. “We created a simple and confident brand identity that was influenced by the island’s rich Viking heritage,” says Thirst Craft, which created the artwork using watercolors applied to the bottles using screen printing. “The artwork was inspired by the wild, organic, evolving, and beautiful nature of Colonsay… By printing on the inside of the transfer, one can always view the watercolor through the bottle from all angles, encouraging drinkers to pick up and explore the bottle.” Don’t mind if we do.

Gentleman’s Treat, by Mathieu Huygens

We can’t help feel “gentleman’s treat” sounds rather like a euphemism for something, but instead it’s the name of a “strong imperial Russian stout” with some great goth-leaning graphics. The bottles were designed by Mathieu Huygens and photographed here by Sebastien Vandenwouwer, with a look made to “echo the strong beer… dark and made of high contrast,” according to Huygens. “The bottle has been dipped in acrylic paint to have a classy/creepy finish,” he adds.

“Brewed for my dear friend’s 30th birthday, this strong imperial Russian stout is bold and complex. Notes of coffee and dark fruits blend together with hints of whiskey and smoked malt. A multilayered beverage made to pair nicely with the leathery tones of a Cuban cigar. To be enjoyed now or decades later…”

Premium Navy Rum, by Fitzroy

Netherlands agency Fitzroy has created the “world’s first sustainable rum packaging,” designing bottles whose caps are made from discarded Coca-Cola labels. The wrappers were gleaned from the Dutch beaches of the North Sea Islands, then melted and pressed to form the caps that sit atop bottles made from recycled glass. “The eye-catching marble look-a-like top creates a unique and distinctive design which invites people to reuse this bottle for other purposes as well,” says Fitzroy.

“This is also the main reason the bottle itself won’t be branded, but wrapped, making it a perfect water carafe, which is definitely a plus. Because as we all know after the waste and the wasted story, comes the chapter titled: the hangover. So reuse this bottle and save our planet from another headache.”

The Badger, by BrandOpus

London-based agency BrandOpus has finally combined two great bastions of Britishness: badgers and beer. The designs for the Collector’s Edition bottle for Hall & Woodhouse’s signature ale Badger see the bottle take the shape of a “badger’s head… decorated in the familiar black and white stripes, with the nose represented by a corked neck adorned with a hand-waxed seal,” says BrandOpus. Even the presentation tube is badger-based, aiming to depict “the scene of a badger’s sett [a.k.a. their den], made from untreated craft stock paper. The concept sees the badger emerge from his cozy, leafy sett upon opening the package.” Awwwww.